Political parties are being warned not to put up posters around Lichfield and Burntwood in the run up to the general election.

Staffordshire County Council has introduced a new ‘zero-tolerance’ approach that means any election poster or other material put up on road signs, lampposts or other highways structures will be taken down, with the party responsible charged for the removal.

Council Leader Philip Atkins said:

“The zero tolerance approach is an attempt to stop political parties putting up election posters, or any other election material, on road signs, lampposts or other highways structures. This is in line with our policy when it comes to attaching unauthorised promotional material along our roads.

“Most people agree that these posters are an eyesore and quickly become scruffy. The county council then has the job of removing them at a cost to the taxpayer.”

Cllr Atkins also outlined what would happen if posters did start to appear on the county’s streets. He explained:

“If they do go up, they will be removed as soon as is practically possible. I would expect my political colleagues to abide by this approach. It demonstrates a commitment to responsible citizenship and the environment that local people want from their politicians.”

If anyone sees a poster, or any other material, attached to road signs, lampposts or other highways structures they can call the highways hotline on 0800 232323.


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4 replies on “Political parties warned over election posters in Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. Pathethic! Elections are about votes and engaging the public. I do hear people say when they don’t see a poster or leaflet ‘well they can’t be bothered so I’m not voting for them’. Get on and do something more useful Cllr Atkins!

  2. I do agree that they tend to end up looking scruffy if not taken down, but given the likely impact of the MPs expenses scandal on the voting public, (ie the possible even-lower-than-usual turnout for the General Election), is this entirely wise?

    The timing of this approach seems so bad that it makes me suspicious that there’s another agenda, and I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist…

  3. It is very stupid rule but serves a good purpose. It will help Lichfield and burntwood on two steps one is it helps the environment and help’s lichfields image. The only problem is with the party’s sticking these posters up is there complete lies written on them I say they are a waste of paper.

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