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The new Michael Fabricant Lich Vegas t-shirt
Lichfield’s MP has become the star of a new t-shirt design. Following reference to the city as ‘Lich Vegas’ on his social networking pages, Michael Fabricant has now seen a new design produced by one of his Facebook fans. The Lichfield MP explained:
“This has come out of the blue. I occasionally refer on Facebook and Twitter to Lichfield as ‘Lich Vegas’ as this is how some kids refer to our city as a reflection of the growing night-life it offers.  I think it is a great alternative name and helps promote business to our area. “So I was astonished and delighted when I started to get emails last night telling me that a group of locals have started selling a Viva Lich Vegas t-shirt featuring me! “I have ordered two already!”
The shirts can be ordered online or by phoning 0843 289 5369 and cost £10 each including delivery.


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

20 replies on “New t-shirt stars Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant”

  1. We can’t take orders over the phone, only online. The Paradise Lounge are selling them as well and giving all the money they make to Baranados which is very nice of them :)

  2. Brownhills Bob: Why don’t you wind your neck in and have a go at your own MP? At least our MP is in the public eye, has a sense of humour and is a great ambassador for the district: When’s the last time your MP appeared in the press? Is he even still alive?

  3. My MP? Who, Richard Shepherd, the invisible man? Um, yeah. You’re making a few assumptions there, but we’ll let that pass.

    You may well love Mickey, and that’s your prerogative. I, however, maintain a healthy sense of scepticism about most politicians of whatever hue. Like nappies, they hang round your backside and they’re generally full of ordure. They should be changed frequently to prevent irritation.

    I think MP’s of whatever stripe should be measured by achievement. On that score the current crop aren’t doing very well, including mine and yours. Cheap publicity isn’t an achievement, it’s just stagecraft.

    Mickey’s modus operandi has always been to go for cheap headlines, and he’s rather good at it. I just can’t help thinking he’d be better suited to panto, or maybe the circus ring. A least then he’d be working with professional clowns.

    Best wishes


  4. BrownhillsBob: Are you really the miserable, carping, old failiure you sound or are you really someone who does something useful with his life? Either way, be assured that being a publicist and achieving real benefits to the community are not mutually exclusive – hard as you might find it to comprehend! Just speak to the 1000s of constituents whom I have helped over the years from housing problems, to child support agency issues, to concerns about foreign policy. Apart from being one of life’s self confessed cynics, what good have YOU ever done? I am sure that many of the people who read your remarks would be interested to know.

  5. I share Bob’s cynicsym especially where politicians are concerned but credit where credits due Mickey’s taken these t-shrits in the spirit they were intended, he can’t be accused of taking himself too seriously and he is popular in the area he serves as an MP in some cases not just because he’s a Conservative, inspite of it.

    OK these shirts are free publicity for him but it’s not like he needs it, he’s keeping his seat, it’s one of the safest in the country. No party is going to be spending any money in Lichfield canvassing because it isn’t a key marginal seat. We’d probably do something similar for the Labour or Lib Dem candidates if we had any idea who they were. It’s not like we’re going to be able to read their names off lamposts so unless the Lichfield Blog mention them we’ll have to turn up at the count and hope they do too if we want to know what they look like.

    The people who’ve really gained out of this are us, we know it, Mickey knows it, and anyone who’s bothered enough to spend 10 seconds thinking about it knows it. An MP supporting local business then?

  6. Anytime you want to take up a full debate, do pop over to the Brownhills Blog. I’m sure my contribution to society is dwarfed by yours – but then, the salary you receive for the endeavour surely surpasses mine in equal proportion.

    Society seems to hold your profession in some contempt of late. Perhaps we need to return to some of the more considered, thoughtful political debate of yore, rather than hit and run soundbite politics.

    It’s notable that whenever serious debate rears it’s head you melt away. I think populism and froth are probably what cheapened politics to the level of the snake’s knees already, and the future doesn’t look any better.

    Too right I’m cynical. My contribution is my integrity, and I expect nothing less from those I elect to govern me.

    Best wishes


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