Workers clearing the central reservation on the A5

Roads in and out of Lichfield are getting a spring clean.

Street cleaners from Lichfield District Council have begun the job of clearing away all the rubbish that has ended up on the central reservations of main roads in the area.

Central reservations getting a clean-up include the A5, A5148 and A38.

Councillor Louise Flowith, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Operational Services, said:

“These busy roads are a gateway for people coming into and out of the district, and seeing a central reservation strewn with litter gives a bad and wrong impression of the district. This is why we have been so keen to litter pick the area and have been working hard to make sure it happens.

“We would like to thank the Highways Agency contractor, Amey, for allowing us onto the central reservations, and hope they will continue to support our efforts to make the district clean and tidy for everyone.

“However, we can’t do it alone, and need everyone to take responsibility for their rubbish, making sure they dispose of it properly wherever they may be.”

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23 replies on “Lichfield’s main roads set for a spring clean”

  1. We should have the cleanest streets/roads etc in the world.
    It is an unskilled job and we pay too many unemployed to sit watching TV.
    Put existing cleaners in charge of ALL the unemployed and you will soon see the number of unemployed fall.
    The genuine unemployed will be glad to do a worthwhile job.
    Pay rate? Divide their current pay – unemployment payment – by a starting rate for a cleaner – the answer is how many hours they owe us.
    Those who do not want to work – that’s ok – do not get paid.

  2. How sad that the majority of those who bothered to vote think it is bad for the unemployed to work for their money.
    It is particularly bad for this area that they do not want to help us recover from one of our worst financial recessions.
    The country is in such a bad state it needs every one to pull together not just the few that work.

  3. Quite comical – rather than condemning the actions of reckless idiots throwing litter from cars at 70mph – you seem to think the unemployed may want to pay back their benefits labouring in the middle of the A38.

    The country being in such a bad state – no matter how many people “Pull together and want to work” – that doesn’t create any jobs does it?

    Well Done to LDC and the Cleaners for having a tidy up – there’s nothing worse than a plastic bag blowing over your windscreen on the approach to Lichfield.

  4. “Foxy” Thanks for contributing to the debate.
    Quote”you seem to think the unemployed may want to pay back their benefits ” end quote On the contrary I think SOME would welcome the opportunity of having something extra on their CV but unfortunately MOST would rather get paid (from hard working peoples pay packet) to do nothing .
    You did not make clear – do you think people should be paid for not working or do you agree they should work for their handouts?
    Of course I do not agree with litter louts but we have them in great abundance.
    There are plenty of laws/rules to deter these louts BUT who do you think should enforce the laws?
    Quote ” “Pull together and want to work” – that doesn’t create any jobs does it?” End quote.
    There are few real jobs left in the UK- jobs that produce goods – we are now mainly a service industry -I suggest it is at least in part due to high tax’s to pay people not to work.High tax’s -high claims for wages – unskilled often better off not working – work sent abroad or import cheap labor.
    It is now a career choice – never work – free house income etc.
    This is a spiral which we must stop.If you look at debates by both main parties (they use different words) they clearly state we can not continue with these high payment handouts.
    My idea would get the unemployed into a work ethic mode – some have never worked – and would give us a clean environment at no additional cost.
    I wonder if those that gave a red minus are indicative of a certain area .If those who did give red minus are from “Beirut” (as someone nick named it)just indicate by more RM but if you are from other areas perhaps you could state why you are against people working for their handouts instead of watching TV.

  5. The only thing that comes across clearly in your post is that you view the Dimbles and people from there with contempt. The rest is incoherent drivel, this could be the reason for the red minus, it’s why I’m adding a second anyway.

  6. Freddy Thanks for the reply. However as you did not say if you were for or against working for handouts i will put you down as undecided shall i!

    Just for the record – a lot of nice people live in that area BUT it only takes a few bad apples tp spoil it for all the nice ones.!

  7. You’re at it again! If a person works for money then it’s wages, not a handout but I’ll bite anyway.

    No, I don’t agree with the concept you’re groping around for a description of even slightly. A job should be a worthwhile fulfilling experience that pays a living wage. Our society isn’t able to provide such a thing for very many people at all. In many cases not even an appalling soul destroying excuse for a job is available. The failure is societal and society owes those that it has failed. So no, you might say I believe completely the opposite to you.

    The alternative idea for organising society that you almost present with your “look at me I pay tax which somehow makes me better than other people and gives my incoherent drivel some kind of weight” view of the world is that to be on benefits is something that is shameful. The choices presented to people by such a world view are not choices at all but threats “find a job, any job or I’ll claim you owe me hours and humilaite you in the middle of the A38”. In other words you make armed robbery a viable career choice.

    Still think I’m undecided?

  8. Quote – “You’re at it again! If a person works for money then it’s wages, not a handout but I’ll bite anyway.”end quote.
    IF they do work its is called wages – IF they do not work its a hand out. At the moment they do not work and hard working people -often on a low wage have to pay tax to keep the unemployed. I am suggesting the unemployed put something back into society to make our living area a better place.. Quote – “find a job, any job or I’ll claim you owe me hours and humilaite you in the middle of the A38″.

    So you think those Honourable -hard working people who are keeping our country clean and tidy are being – “HUMILIATED”!
    We will have to disagree as i think these workers deserve our thanks for doing a great job and no one should denigrate them.
    I thought your view was so obvious I would light hearted add the bit about undecided – I am totally at fault for thinking you would see the funny side .

  9. Tax Payer – Freddy didn’t give me the impression that the hard working people on the A38 are being humiliated. Worst Straw man argument i’ve come across.

    More to the point – if you force unskilled labour upon those (unwilling ne’er do wells) claiming job seekers allowance, surely this will reduce jobs for those who do want to work?

     Having spare unemployed Labour is necessary to attract investment to a Country/area. It is also an essential part of Capitalisms carrot and stick method.
    I’d agree that we shouldn’t have to pay for those on benefits. Shareholders etc should be taxed higher on their profits as it is them that creates our fluctuating labour requirements.
    You’re just barking up the wrong tree really.

    I’ve worked all my life – if someone was to force me to work with someone who is forced to work – i’d probably be violent to my oppressor.

    People who don’t want to work are dangerous in a work environment. Get over it. We don’t wanna work with them anyway.

  10. Quote -“Freddy didn’t give me the impression that the hard working people on the A38 are being humiliated. Worst Straw man argument i’ve come across.”End quote

    Quote -“humilaite you in the middle of the A38″ end quote

    If he is not refering to working on the A38 in with a group of other people all dressed the same – all doing the same job – what is he refering to?

  11. I think Freddy was referring to the differing conditions imposed upon the workers who don’t have employment.
    Some there will have chosen to do that job – whereas others have been given the option of starvation or work and pay back their benefits. (even though when employed they were a tax payer and thus entitled to these benefits).

    So lets take the 62 year old office work who’s just been made reduntant because BT/Barclays/whoever have decided to move his job to India.

    You think he should go and pick up litter dropped by lazy salesmen – or starve.
    He could have serious injury if he is not used to labouring. 
    So he works hard all his life – is rewarded with redundancy – and you think he should walk down the A38, supervised by someone who may not have any supervisory skills.

    Dumb idea – it’s not going to work really is it?

  12. I think that street cleaning is demeaning job.

    Big it up for me tax payer, tell me how wrong I am. Tell me how great it is to dress in a bright yellow suite and pick up rubbish. Tell me how fulfilled the people who do it feel and how valued they are, tell me about the great salary about how I could do it and buy a house and save for a decent retirement.

    Or you could go back to calling it unskilled and wanting to get the unemployed to do it.

  13. Foxy – lets dispose of your example . There will always be exceptions – you would not expect minute details in this type of post.
    Age 62 worked hard all his life – 47 yrs income plus redundancy – would he go and live it up while he could or try for another job!
    I know which I would advise.
    Having said that if you have ever been involved with the voluntary sector you would know that when volunteers are required to clean verges/woodland etc (just the sort of work under discussion) people of all ages turn up – some even older than your example.
    They are diametrically opposite to the people we are discussing. One group expect to be paid for doing nothing – the other expect to work and not get paid.
    We have a vast workforce who are being paid to do nothing while we have work waiting to be completed – we must find an acceptable way of putting the two together.Forget high paid unskilled jobs – it is not going to happen – the unions have had their day.

  14. You could have done better than the side swipe at a union you made yourself from straw although the bizarre observation that people who volunteer to clear hedges are diametrrically opposed to people who claim beneftis was instructive.

    The failure to sepertate the action from the person sums up your thinking. Has it never occured to you that people who are on benefits and not in paid employment also volunteer? Are the “people” really diametrically opposed or is it just your prejudices that inform that statement?

    You perpetuate a stereotype of the unemployed that’s of no use to anyone. If you saw the news today you will know that there are 33,000 less unemployed but there are also 54,000 less people in work. That doesn’t support your view of the people on benefits. It looks to me that people don’t want to sit around watching TV they’d rather be doing something with their time that they feel is productive like volunteering or going to college etc even if that means losing benefits. Not everyone has that option which doesn’t strike me as a reason to kick them in the teeth.

    Your ideas rubbish.

  15. we should all help each other, the ones with the high paying jobs should not worry about paying taxes, that would be the least of my worries, and it is right to take my taxes and help the ones who do not have good paying jobs. when are we going to stop being GREEDY. don’t forget ! we are all in this together.

  16. “Chuck”Quote -” don’t forget ! we are all in this together”
    Well done that man – my point exactly. We have helped them – they help us!!

  17. Hmmm, I can sympathise with most of the points raised here. There are a lot of people who are living off the back of the rest of us, people who know every rule in the game, draw down the maximum from society whilst contributing the least. It annoys me but do I want to work with such people, No. You can’t penalise unemployment by creating a sub class of menial tasks currently assigned to others with jobs in the hope that the employed self righteous feel better. That’s plain old fashioned “hang em and flog em ” Toryism at it’s worst. However, I do see a very clear case for the very able bodied who are long term unemployment to contribute in a positive way without resorting to “penalising” – I’m not that sure what this would entail but there is certainly scope in society for those with the ability but perhaps not the social skills to get out of the routine. Tom Paine said that all work is honourable and he was right. One man doing a job with someone being forced to do it might be fashionable in parts of America but I think that we are a liitle more advanced over here. Society today would deride anyone “forced” and no doubt made identifabale by the levels of bureaucracy that it would create – that’s the nature of civilised humans these days in Lichfield and elsewhere. It was interesting to note that we have “Cabinet for Operational Sevices” – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. “Welfare Reform Bill will create a single welfare-to-work programme and make benefit payments more conditional on willingness to accept work.”

    Do you think
    the powers that be read this blog and used my idea?

  19. Disappointed my last post only got one minus.
    Actually I thought my comment was quite funny – but that’s my sense of humor.
    Labour already had an idea to tighten up on malingerers but failed when it came to details – now we have the other two main parties having a try – who is left to disagree with the three main parties!

  20. there are a tiny amount of people who know every rule and live of the back of us, then there are some more who are inept and incompetent, then there are some more who have few skills and little opportunities to improve them. Then there are people who are ill, physically or mentally, to one degree or another, then there are people whose circumstance are difficult but are willing, then there are people who are keen and willing but can’t find a decent role, and then there are people whose skills and experience are no longer needed.
    Send them all to the Workhouse? Where do you draw the line? I’d rather live in a compassionate society that was willing to help people rather than condemn them to slavery.

    I would wager straw man taxpayer has a quid off the state at one time or another, as we all have. Still not sure what gives him the right to call himself taxpayer, like he is any different from any of us.

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