A fire caused by a discarded cigarette has gutted a house in Lichfield.

Firefighters were called to the detached property on Chapel Lane at 6.30pm on March 11.

A 50-year-old man and his mother were forced to spend the night at a relative’s home while firefighters ensured the safety of the property.

Investigations later revealed the cause of the fire was smoking materials.

Watch Manager, Rob Horton, said:

“The fire, which started upstairs, has completely gutted two bedrooms. It appears the gentleman had been smoking in his room and then left for work at about 5.30pm. Upon noticing smoke his mother rang her grandson who promptly attended the property. Seeing smoke coming from the man’s bedroom he telephoned the fire service.

“The bedroom has been severely damaged and the landing has also been affected with smoke damage spreading throughout the first floor. An upstairs window has also been shattered.”

Firefighters returned to the property during the night and the following morning to carry out a full inspection.

Mr Horton added:

“We have two additional concerns over this incident. Fires caused by cigarettes and smoking materials is something we take very seriously and we have numerous campaigns in place to reduce the number of these incidents from taking place.

“People should not underestimate the threats associated with smoking in the home if cigarettes are not extinguished properly. While property can be replaced a life cannot. Also, if you come across a fire please telephone the emergency services immediately. Do not ring friends or relatives as that will give the fire a chance to take hold.”


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