Quarrying. Pic: Pengannel
Quarrying. Pic: Pengannel

Staffordshire will be producing ten per cent less sand gravel after decision-makers decided to adopt a new system of setting targets.

The West Midlands Regional Assembly made the decision at a meeting in Lichfield earlier today (March 17).

Staffordshire County Council had spearheaded calls for a reduction in the amount of aggregates the region was required to provide.

And the new allocation system means ten million tonnes  less quarrying over the next decade across the county.

Staffordshire’s cabinet member for Infrastructure and Regeneration Robert Marshall, said:

“The reduction in quarrying, won today, marks a major change in policy from the previous administration. Sand and gravel extraction is important for the economy, but Staffordshire’s countryside and communities have been under extraordinary pressure to take even more quarries.

“Today’s agreement represents a first step towards a fairer and more sustainable apportionment across the region.

“I would like to thank everyone who has joined Staffordshire County Council’s Mineral Madness campaign. It is proof that we can make our voices heard at a regional level.”

The news will come as a boost to countryside campaigners too, with the lower figures expected to reduce the chances of any new quarries.

The agreed option will now be submitted to the Government by March 31.


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