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Amnesty targets starting pistol owners in Lichfield and Burntwood

Olympic .380 BBM

An Olympic .380 BBM

People in Lichfield and Burntwood who own a starter pistol that can be converted to fire live ammunition are being urged to hand over their weapons.

Staffordshire Police is backing a national amnesty which encourages owners of Olympic .380 BBM revolvers to hand them in.

Tests have revealed the Italian-made pistol can be easily converted to allow the firing of live rounds.

And now anyone who does not hand in their revolver before June 4 could be liable to prosecution – and a  mandatory five-year prison sentence.

Superintendent David Holdway, Operational Support Commander, said:

“This targeted amnesty is aimed at encouraging those members of the public who have been using this gun legitimately to hand it in. It is also hoped that converted Olympic .380 BBM Blank Firing Revolvers will be surrendered and the amnesty has been agreed on this basis.

“This targeted amnesty offers a route to dispose of these firearms before 4 June 2010, without facing prosecution for possession. However, owners must be aware that possessing one of these revolvers after the amnesty will constitute a criminal offence with a five-year mandatory prison sentence.

“I would urge anyone in possession of an Olympic .380 BBM Blank Firing Revolver to hand it in to police at their earliest opportunity.”

The amnesty will cover converted or unconverted Olympic .380 BBM revolvers.

The weapons can be surrendered at Lichfield Police Station on Frog Lane until June 4.

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1 Comment

  1. X Ticket Holder

    18th April, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    I am all for encouraging people to hand in firearms but could we also have a firm punishment in place for those that carry/use illegal firearms.
    Perhaps if any police person can read this he/she will inform us the percentage of people ,caught with illegal weapons,who were actually sent down for 5years?
    The way to reduce gun crime is to have heavy and definite punishment for those caught – not “could be” “may be” and other ifs and buts!