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Cllr Ken Humphreys, Paul Davis (Abacus Taxis), Barry Metherell (City Cars), Stuart Weldon (Dial-A-Cab), and James Smart (Abacus Taxis).
People who use taxis across Lichfield and Burntwood are set to benefit from the creation of four new ranks. The bays have been introduced after requests from tax firms for more places to pick up and drop off customers. The ranks at Tamworth Street and Bore Street in Lichfield, Atherstone Street in Fazeley, and Rugeley Road in Chase Terrace have been officially opened after their approval by Lichfield District Council. Councillor Ken Humphreys, Chairman of Lichfield District Council’s Regulatory and Licensing Committee, said:
“I am delighted to officially unveil the new taxi ranks. I hope that they will be useful to taxi companies and their customers.”
The taxi ranks on Tamworth Street and Atherstone Street are in full time use, seven days a week, while the rank on Bore Street is in use from 6pm to 7am every day. The Chase Terrace rank is in use from 11pm to 5am every night.

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8 replies on “Taxi passengers set to benefit from new ranks in Lichfield, Fazeley and Chase Terrace”

  1. Hopefully with these new taxi ranks, taxi companies will lower their fares.

    £30 from Lichfield to Chase Terrace on a night out is a joke!

  2. Taxi firms don’t set the prices from the rank the council do. You are right though, £30 from Lichfield to chasterrace is a joke, should be more like £18 assuming you went straight there. When you get in a taxi make sure the meter hasn’t been on while the car was waiting for a jon (should start at £4.50 after midnight) and don’t pay more than the meter price. There’s a number of issues with overcharging from the ranks, if it happens to you get the plate number of the car or the badge number of the driver and ring the council. Moaning on the internet about it won’t change a damn thing.

    Freddy, t-shirt printer and taxi driver in Lichfield.

    BTW. The coment box seems to have shurnk guys, any idea why?

  3. Did anyone think to ask the businesses who are directly affected as to whether they wanted a taxi rank outside their premises. No. This was completely undemocratic and underhand. As the owner of a business in Tamworth Street, our sales have dropped by over a third since the taxi rank was put in place and I know others have also seen the same. We were not given any prior notice so that we could not have our input. Our shop has a large number of elderly, infirm, mothers and customers bringing heavy items in for service/repair. What do they do now? We have sent a letter to the Chief Executive of Lichfield District Council asking for answers to numerous questions, with copies to Michael Fabricant and Lichfield Chamber of Trade and Commerce amongst others. If anyone wants to sign our petition to get the taxi rank removed/reduced/night-time only, please call into Staffordshire Needlecraft Centre. The rank is empty for the majority of the day and, if Thursday night is anything to go by, most evenings as well.

    If Steve wants to get a cab of an evening, why doesn’t he try one of the cab companies and ask them what their fare is and book one. I use one of the local companies on a frequent basis (black/red/green cabs, and misc. coloured cars) to get to and from work and they charge £18.40 to get to Burton or Good Hope Hospitals during the day and evening.

  4. I don’t think there’s any sense in the way the council have allocated ranks or in fact any sense at all in the way in which they deal with the taxi trade in the city at all.

    The only town centre rank used to be the bus stop by the Gate House. The problem with this is that buses want to stop there. The other problem being that Lichfield has no limit on the number of plates issued. At one time there taxis queuing all the way around the corner to Sandford St. The police put a stop to this and now taxis have to que in the University car park. Great unless you get a job on the radio, you can’t get back out again until it’s your turn to go to the bus stop. Taxi drivers have complained about this and the councils response has been new ranks on Tammworth St. and Bore St. The Bore st. rank has the problem that it’s along parking bays. The old problem still exists and now we have some new ones to go with it.

    In short the council are happy to take the money for plates and badges but do zero for it. When they get complaints they come up with half baked schemes like these new ranks. It doesn’t do shopkeepers any good and it doesn’t do us anygood. We’re no happier about the situation than you are Beverley.

  5. This is a really interesting thread. There is usually very little discussion publicly about taxis and the way the Council handles the issue. I suspect it is under-resourced. I’d have thought a public consultation would have been undertaken so Freddy’s and Beverley’s view were taken into account before a decision was made.

  6. Thanks for the replies to my earlier comment. I understand, Freddy, that the major taxi companies in Lichfield were consulted about the taxi ranks, it’s just a shame that the council did not do the same for those directly or indirectly affected by their decision. I will be posting my letter to the council on our website:, sometime today or tomorrow. As soon as I get a reply from the council I will let everyone know what is said.
    As someone who used to run a private car hire business, albeit down in Dorset, I understand the frustrations of people like Freddy, however, the taxi rank outside the shop is empty virtually all day, except for the odd cab or two, usually around 2pm. I was given to understand by a representative of the council that there might be the possibility that the situation could be reviewed in a few months. Unfortunately if the past two weeks takings are anything to go by, I suspect that some of us may not be in business by that time. Surely, as Steve says, a public consultation would have been sensible. I await the council’s response with interest!

  7. Just a thought about taxis – The idea of licensing so many cabs is entirely based upon “clearing the streets” at the weekend. This helps to reduce violence and criminal damage to City Centre property. Unfortunately – all these cars need somewhere to rank up during the weekday too. The shopkeepers greatly benefit from Taxis – not all thier customers have cars. Reducing the spaces (as has happened) is a good idea – However – Why not have Disabled only parking at weekend nights, Freeing up all the other spaces for the many taxis that struggle to rank up. The congested situation is impractical and dangerous. Mark my words – someone will get run over at that rank again soon. Lets hope its not a valuable customer.

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