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Archaeologist set to give Staffordshire Hoard talk at Lichfield Library

Some of the items which make up The Staffordshire Hoard. Pic: Portable Antiquities Scheme

Some of the items which make up The Staffordshire Hoard. Pic: Portable Antiquities Scheme

The Staffordshire Hoard will be brought into focus in a talk at Lichfield Library.

The event will see Staffordshire County Council archaeologist Stephen Dean lifting the lid on the discovery of Anglo Saxon gold near Lichfield.

The Hoard contained items including sword hilts, helmet fragments and crosses after being discovered by Burntwood metal detectorist Terry Herbert in July.

The talk takes place on May 19 and tickets costing £4 are available, with all proceeds going to the Staffordshire Hoard Appeal Fund. Copies of The Staffordshire Hoard book published by the British Museum will also be on sale.

For more information, or to book a place, call Lichfield Library on 01543 510700 or email

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  1. Steve Mills

    11th May, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    Not everyone may not be aware that though enough money has been raised to purchase the hoard from the Crown, there is still a lot more to be collected if it is to be studied and then displayed. And as most people, certainly in this area, don’t want to see it all shunted down to the British Museum where it would be little more than another cabinet of ancient bling (visit the BM’s display of its many hoards and see what I mean) then it will cost quite a lot to do the material justice. So please come along to the various talks and the displays, buy the book, and fill out the form that enables the tax on your donationsto be reclaimed so that the councils and museums can do Mercia proud.

  2. billie

    30th May, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    At school ages ago, we were learning about the staffordshire hoard and we had to make our own anglo-saxon gold piece out of clay and paints. It was really really fun and then when we finished we had all of the rest of the school to look at them and our classroom was the museum  that they were kept in. The classroom looked really cool and all of the rest of the kids in my class and me had to stay in the classroom and sort out all of the classroom ready for the next day and then after that day had gone the next day we had to tidy everything up in the classroom so that we could actually work on our tables.