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The recent spate of reality TV shows based on the search for West End stars has prompted a renewed interest in musical theatre – and people are now getting the chance to star in a local musical theatre production. The opportunity has come about thanks to Sutton Coldfield Musical Theatre Company who are set to perform the musical Boogie Nights.
Sutton Coldfield Musical Theatre Company on stage at the Lichfield Garrick during their production of Buddy
Spokesman Paul Lumsdon said:
“There are a lot of people out there who would perhaps love to have a go but don’t know how to go about getting started. We are offering a helping hand to those people.”
A musical requires people of both sexes and of all ages, shapes, ethnic background etc. Paul added:
“It requires good voices first and foremost but it also needs good actors and good dancers. If you can only sing well, then great, if you can act too then fab – if you can do all three, wow! “In the Sutton area we do not really have a notable youth theatre organisation. But we do have some excellent schools that specialise in the performing arts. Some students from these schools do indeed go off to seek their fame and fortune via the dramatic arts universities but most just leave school and drift into their adult life without ever knowing how to continue doing what they so enjoyed at school.”
The popular theatre company is looking for people for its next production – the fun, 1970s-based pop musical Boogie Nights. Paul said:
“This will give the company an excellent opportunity to dress in wild 70s clothes, sing their hearts out to some classic disco hits and dance like John Travolta for a week in October. “We think this show will have audiences on their feet doing the Bump and the Hustle, dancing and singing along to such 70s hits as I Love to Love, Y.M.C.A., I will Survive and many more.”
In January the company will begin rehearsing for Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, a true classic, and members hope that those who join for Boogie Nights will be hooked and stay on for the new show. SCMTC members enjoy a fantastic social calendar on top of what they do on stage including London theatre trips, barbecues, horse riding, karting and camping,  all of which members can partake in as little or as much as they like. They meet every Friday evening at Four Oaks School at 7.30pm. Those with principal singing or dancing parts also meet some Tuesdays. Please contact Paula Waldron 07834 706114 or email for further details. Or of course please just turn up and introduce yourself. You will be very welcome!

3 replies on “Chance for people to star in local theatre production”

  1. May I just add that the first rehearsal for Sutton Coldfield Musical Theatre Company’s production of Boogie Nights is on Friday June 11, 7.30pm at Four Oaks School. The company is this week presenting Singin’ in the Rain at the Lichfield Garrick. It runs until Saturday May 29.

  2. Please note that this is not a Lichfield Garrick production as stated. It is, in fact, an Amateur production by Sutton Coldfield Musical Theatre Company and will be playing at the Lichfield Garrick in 2011.

    No casting calls to the Garrick theatre please.

  3. Just to clarify matters: Boogie Nights will in fact be performed at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall from October 12 – 16, 2010, not at the Lichfield Garrick as stated. SCMTC’s Spring 2011 production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers will be at the Lichfield Garrick.
    Sorry for the confusion. People interested in joining the company should contact Paula Waldron on the numbers stated at the end of the story.

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