Staffordshire Police are inviting residents of Boley Park to attend a surgery in the area.

Neighbourhood police officer PC Rachel Hooper, and Boley Park’s Police Community Support Officer, PCSO Hilary Gittins are hosting the event which gives residents the chance to meet their local officers.

The surgery takes place at the Co-Op Superstore in Ryknild Street between 6 and 8pm on Thursday 10th June.

Those unable to attend can call 0300 123 2345 and then extension 00778 for PC Hooper or 16662 for PCSO Gittins.

One reply on “Police invite residents to Lichfield Boley Park surgery”

  1. How many people spoke to you (the police) last time you were there – not counting those that said something like – “OH look a copper!”
    How many would the police see if they walked round the patch each day?
    If they wanted to connect with the plebs they would surely read a local blog such as this and start a genuine debate.

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