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People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being warned that domestic abuse will not be tolerated ahead of England’s next World Cup match. More than 40 domestic abuse incidents were reported to police following England’s first game in South Africa on June 12 – a rise of more than 50 per cent on a normal Saturday evening. And following a number or arrests police are issuing a fresh warning ahead of the team’s next game on Friday (June 19). Assistant Chief Constable Jane Sawyers, who is co-ordinating the force’s policing operation, said:
“It’s utterly unacceptable that anyone thinks they can assault their partner simply because of a football match in South Africa. If people behave in this way, we will strive to put them in prison. “Staffordshire Police treats domestic abuse very seriously and our message to victims is to contact us and we will do all we can to protect you. “While it’s not unusual for an increase in such crimes when the national team plays, such behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Our officers will continue to visit and monitor repeat offenders and victims while working closely with partner agencies to support those affected. “Staffordshire Police has a well-established policy of taking positive action in respect of this type of crime. Where evidence exists offenders will be arrested and dealt with accordingly. There is simply no excuse for domestic abuse.”
Victims of domestic abuse are urged to contact Staffordshire Police on 0300 123 44 55 or 999 in an emergency. The national domestic violence helpline is a free service, open 24 hours a day, and can be contacted on 0808 2000 247. A videocast message about domestic abuse was launched at the same time as the tournament and can be viewed at


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16 replies on “Police issue domestic abuse warning ahead of England game”

  1. “we will strive to put them in prison.” – “Our officers will continue to visit and monitor repeat offenders ”

    How do they “repeat” their attacks if they are sent down and do you now visit them in prison?
    Their partners love the abuse – why else would they stay with such a person – once “maybe” after that !!!
    Why is this article about domestic abuse – does other assault not have such high priority?
    All abuse/assaults should be dealt with the same.

    To be honest i do not care about the adult because most know what they are letting themselves in for but those kids will live with what they see/hear for the rest of their life.

  2. “Asellus aquaticus”

    Perhaps ,if you know anything about the subject,you would tell us all why you think a partner would stay with an abusive person? We are not discussing a one off loss of temper we are talking about an atmosphere that you can cut 24/7 (pardon the pun). You may also be surprised to learn the kids often go on to be the same – giving or rec abuse.

  3. Why would a victim stay with an abusive person?

    Because they don’t know where else to go
    Because they’re scared of what would happen if they leave
    Because their self esteem is so low that they think it’s their fault
    Because they feel it’s better for the kids to keep the family together
    Because they still think they love the abuser
    Because the abuser has financial and emotional control over them.

    I can probably give you some more if you want.

    And no, I’m not at all surprised to learn kids learn from their parents. In fact that’s another one.

    Because it’s what they’ve always been used to.

    If you know somebody who got out quick – then good for them. But to suggest that those who stay in abusive relationships do it because they love the abuse is a pretty sorry statement.

  4. “Because they don’t know where else to go” – If they were all unintelligent sink est type your comment may apply but even well off profession people suffer this abuse!
    “Because they’re scared of what would happen if they leave” – well perhaps we agree that the police/social services are no help.
    “Because their self esteem is so low that they think it’s their fault”The first time the police are called that should have been put right.Even if a police person is not allowed to help the victim – the inner human being should have supplied phone num’s etc.
    “Because they feel it’s better for the kids to keep the family together” – It is not better for the kids to see/hear the assault and probably rec blows and mental torture all their childhood.It would take a very unintelligent person to think in 2010 daily abuse is needed to get a home!!
    “Because they still think they love the abuser” – My point exactly – to love a person is to love what they are – a violent person!
    “Because the abuser has financial and emotional control over them.” – You honestly think women (some breed as teenagers to get a home) today need men?The stats show women are the ones to go and live on their own – men tend to stay with mommy.
    The police have for years treated this type of crime as unimportant – OH it’s only a domestic!!
    Partly because all too often the woman would not take action and without her help the case failed!Also I think using code like – Domestic/joy rider/happy slapping – tended to cloud real crimes.
    It was a good idea to include the help line – you never know if our debate helps one person it is one less victim.
    Perhaps I should also make VERY clear I am not defending the men – they should be given a long time inside on bread and water but the fact the police statement mention “repeat” shows they get little or no punishment and if they do the women have them straight back!

  5. You really think it’s that simple?

    Workers who routinely suffer harassment at work don’t stay at work because they love being harassed. Children who find themselves being picked on and bullied at school don’t go to school because they enjoy the misery caused by the bullies. And people who get trapped in abusive relationships don’t stay in them for the fun of it.

    Believe it or not, sometimes, the alterrnatives aren’t always immediately obvious. Sometimes when people are frightened or lonely, or desperately unhappy, it is not always easy to make considered and rational decisions. That doesn’t make them bad, mad or foolish. It just makes them victims.

  6. Just occasionally, peoples ignorance suprises me to the core. I have dealt with hundreds of domestic violence cases. Often, the victims are far from stupid but have been battered mentally into submission well before the physical violence started. It is precisely because they fear the ignorant comment “well, just leave your partner. Simples!”, that victims find it so hard to tell people for fear of judgement. I can only assume that Cynic is on a wind up mission or just plain ignorant. On such a topic that wreaks havoc on so many lives, neither is an acceptable excuse!

  7. JG Are you the type of worker that handles the peter con***** type case?

    “” I have dealt with hundreds of domestic violence cases.””
    How many have resulted in the woman staying with the man and living happy ever after?

  8. “Cautioned” – Is that when the police do not even bother having the case tried in court? If so it does not look like they “strive to put them (their own) in prison.”

  9. All domestic violence should be dealt with proactively, but more importantly, in a victim based manner. The real issue is dealing with each case individually and listening to the victim, making them feel that they have a genuine choice in the matter. Some domestic violence offenders do get cautioned, whether that is right or not is dependant on the circumstances. The police get things wrong, and may have got these cases wrong – I don’t think we will ever know that one way or the other. People do have arguments, hit each other and live on together, no one disputes that. Knocking someone out, or giving them a good hiding…….. I doubt anyone lives happily with somone who has done that to them but happiness is all relative. My definition is to chill at home with wife and kids and watch tv or chat. Others definition may be having their partner come home from the pub and only shout at them as opposed to their normal slap!
    I apologise for the general nature of this text, but domestic violence is far too complex to just write off as black or white. I think the police have had it wrong in the past with carte blanche policies of arrest whatever the circs, but I think that is changing. The trouble is if you get it wrong and don’t arrest the offender assuming they have calmed – the consequences can be very final for the victim!

  10. I shall be getting withdrawal symptoms – no red mark on my above post!
    If the apology is in part for me – there is no need – I am not offended .
    This subject is too big to be covered in a few lines of blog.
    My knowledge is limited to visiting a few doz homes where abuse was constant (violence a few times per day) and just over 7,000,000 (seven million) minutes of experience.
    Interesting article in today’s (mon) news – they have decided it is better for children to be separated from the domestic violence sooner than later.
    Perhaps someone has read this blog and decided to act!!

    It appears
    no abused women with kids have contributed to this debate let’s hope it’s because there are non in this area.

  11. My god. Are you really that blind? Comments such as yours is why we have problems in this world as you think you know so much better than everyone else. You are always the first to complain about things but are always the last in line to address the issues and put things right. I really hope that there are no victims of Domestic Abuse who have read your blog as if they have then you have just become a part of the abuse cycle as you have just forced them back into the hands of the abuser. You should be ashamed of yourself! By the comments you have made in your blog you seem to suggest that you may in fact be female and have either suffered abuse yourself or have worked with victims of abuse. With respect, which ever catergory you are in, I strongly urge you to seek urgent professional help as your views are disturbing and broadcasting them on a blog can only serve to cause harm.

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