Michael Fabricant's tile
Lichfield’s MP couldn’t resist a light-hearted dig at the Euro at a recent event in the city. Michael Fabricant was attending the official opening of the new Darwin Hall community centre, where guests were invited to make a wall tile. But when the Conservative MP discovered they were for Lichfield’s twin city Sainte Foy, he decided to go for an unusual style – a Euro symbol with a line through it He explained:
“I couldn’t resist making this special tile when I found out it was destined for our twin town of Sainte Foy. Of course, by the time the tile is delivered to France, the Euro may be history if any more Eurozone countries follow Greece’s economic progress. I hear someone else made a wall tile with a £ coin embedded in it! “I hope this won’t cause a diplomatic incident. I am sure the French will see the funny side. Not.”
Mr Fabricant was at the opening of the new £785,000 hall which has been built by Lichfield City Council, funded by £750,000 from developers. The building has a main hall (seating 120) plus a meeting room and kitchen, and its day to day running will be undertaken by a new Darwin Park Community Association. The Hall includes several green features, including an under-floor heating system fed by a ground source heat pump which collects heat from 100 metres below ground.


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4 replies on “Lichfield MP’s creates Euro joke for city’s twin town”

  1. How odd to send that to a town we are supposed to be friendly with …. I don’t think that’s funny ?

  2. I think it’s very funny, especially the “I am sure the French will see the funny side. Not.” comment. It took me back to 1992.

    Is anyone going to follow this up and get a reaction from the people it’s being sent too?

  3. Stupid and ignorant. And he is MP for one of the safest seats in the country. An embarrassment.  

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