The Bare Bones Boogie Band played to an enthusiastic audience at their debut performance at the Lichfield Real Ale, Jazz and Blues Festival.

The four piece band played songs from their most recent eponymous album, and also some well chosen cover versions. They started the set with their own song Simple Suggestion, whilst cover versions included an electric re-working of the Robert Johnson song Love in Vain.

The group led by singer Helen Turner, and lead guitarist Iain Black were ably supported by a rhythm section of Bass player Trevor Turley and Drummer Andy Jones, and at times they sounded akin to a Janis Joplin fronted Free.

The musicians were not always about technique and bluster, but about texture, and a group sound, although, in songs such as Black Cat Strikes Back and the Janet Jolpin song One Good Man they did get to show what they could do.

The Rolling Stones song Live with Me was also a good choice for the repertoire, whilst Throw Me A Line and the faster rocker Full Tilt Boogie Man were fine examples of the ensemble’s own work.

An encore of I’d Rather Go Blind showed the band’s full credentials, whilst showing room for the group’s further directions.