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Lichfield MP backs plans for NHS shake-up

Lichfield’s MP has backed plans for GPs to have more power over the treatment of patients.

The plan is included in a raft of changes to the NHS outlined by the coalition Government’s Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley.

Michael Fabricant MP

Michael Fabricant MP

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant claimed the shake-up would empower doctors. He explained:

“This is excellent news for Staffordshire patients. Prior to 1997, every GP Practice in Staffordshire was a GP Fundholder; doctors were empowered to decide which hospitals and what treatments would be best for their patients.  But this system was then abolished by Labour and replaced by bureaucrats in the Primary Care Trusts.

“Clinicians should be making these judgements – not civil servants.  I am delighted that this change is being made.  On the whole, GPs were able to make sound judgements when they were Fundholders for the benefit of their patients.  This marks a return to doctors making these decisions: and not overpaid civil servants.”

In his Statement to the House of Commons, Mr Lansley said:

“We will give General Practices, working together in local consortia, the responsibility for commissioning NHS services so that they are able to respond to the wishes and needs of their patients. This principle is vital bringing together the management of care with the management of resources. With commissioning support, GPs collectively will lead a bottom-up design of services.

“In addition, we will introduce more say for patients at every stage of their care extending the right to choose far beyond a choice of hospital.  Patients will have choice over treatment options where clinically appropriate and the consultant-led team by whom they are treated.”

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  1. Paul

    14th July, 2010 at 9:42 am

    Hmm …. South Staffs has one PCT which is yes is full of administrators …. but it also has 124 GP’s which under the conservative proposals will all need their own indiviual set of administrators … going from 1 group to 124 groups means a massive increase in beaurocracy not less.

  2. Jenny P

    14th July, 2010 at 10:38 am

    Change was required, but these proposals are a lot more wide-ranging than expected – especially as the PM had set there would be no “top down” reform of the NHS.
    It is such a big change that I think its a case of wait and see how it works. At least he didn’t just tinker, which is the last thing the NHS needed after so many years of ineffectual leadership by successive governments.
    Fingers crossed it does, but I’m worried about the short and medium-term upheaval and confusion over service provision it might provoke.
    Also, I can help feeling they will unravel one lot of red tape only to wrap health services in a new web of it – a bit like they’re doing with RDAs and the new local partnerships?

  3. Asellus aquaticus

    15th July, 2010 at 10:10 am

    Does Mr Fabricant think that everybody working for the PCTs (and now worried about their future) are “overpaid civil servants”?

    Funny how the Tories and (much of) the media think it’s awful when people from the private sector lose their jobs, but rub their hands in glee when ordinary people working in the public sector find themselves in the same situation.

    Yes, the NHS needs reform, and yes it’s probably going to mean people losing their jobs, fair enough, but it’s a bit insensitive to gloat about it while making a political point. Or am I just having a “sense of humour” failure? Laughing all the way to the job centre…