The intimate setting of The Backroom venue at the George IV public house in Lichfield, has, for the duration of the Festival, a selection of late night jazz concerts from the Birmingham based Cobweb Collective.

I was fortunate to attend the evening with friends tonight and was swept along by a selection of exclusively Gershwin numbers which were given the full jazz treatment.

The whole event was cool, calm and sophisticated with just the right touch of atmosphere and excitement which, in the early fifties, would have been augmented by the waft of cigarette smoke gently rising to the ceiling!

Songs such as You can’t take that away from me and Fascinating Rhythm were beautifully and subtly plaid with a level of understanding and dexterity far beyond the youthful players apparent years. Indeed, the tio were heard to say that they didn’t know what to expect when they arrived at the George, but, said it was just like playing in an exclusive jazz club – praise indeed.

Instrumentation of electric piano, double bass and percussion were played with such a deft touch that the audience were applauding individual musicians at every turn and the cries of more at the end of the second set were well-deserved. I for one wanted to stay in the atmosphere and bask in the wonderful rhythm and melodies from the Gershwin stable. The collective are playing, with a different trio or quartet each night of the festival until Saturday.

I’ll certainly be attending again.