The George IV pub in Bore Street, Lichfield,  is fast becoming well-known for its warm welcome, excellent food and now, as a high quality entertainment venue which provides space for musicians and performers alike to ply their trade to the general public in an atmospheric and acutely accessible space.

And this evening performance was no exception as the MC3 Organ Trio (part of the Birmingham-based Cobweb Collective) treated us to contemporary jazz which was at times full of dexterity, subtle rhythmic changes and complicated key signatures that swiftly altered along with dynamic variations that left you breathless and wanting more.

Percussion, guitar and electric organ were perfectly blended to create a modern acoustic jazz that was at times accessible and challenging. Echoes of Dave Brubeck, Miles Davies and even Charlie Parker were present, alongside more obscure practitioners known more commonly to contemporary jazz officianados.

The second set in particular was most acceptable as it opened with a piece by John Schofield, and ended with the trio’s self-penned Little Devil which drew very worthy applause from the packed audience.

Another night of wonderful electrically-charged atmosphere at the George IV and landlords Mike and Claire should be proud that they have created not only a superb public house but an intimate and highly successful venue within the city.

Here’s to more of it!

The Cobweb Collective continue with a different band each night of the Lichfield Festival until Saturday (July 17). Performances start at 9.30pm.