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Creator promises boobs will take centre stage in Lichfield Garrick show

Emma Powell and Bev Killick

Emma Powell and Bev Killick

The creator of a hit Australian show is aiming to prove to Lichfield audiences that breast really is best.

Busting Out! has wowed audiences Down Under with more than 250,000 people seeing the show already.

But despite its success, creator Emma Powell admits she is “humbled” by the popularity of her performances alongside Bev Killick.

She told The Lichfield Blog:

“I am incredibly proud of our success so far.  Humbled, yes. Surprised?  I would like to say yes, but from the first time this show was performed I knew that it had touched a chord with the audience.  Young. Old. Big. Small.  Theatre of recognition is a powerful genre and mix that with a bagful of laughs and it’s all good!”

The show was borne out of Emma’s background in musical theatre and cabaret – and a desire to make people laugh.

But she admits the main inspiration was a more unusual one – boobs!

She explained:

“The number of women in my life – including myself – who have complained about their breasts – the size, shape and floppiness. It inspired me to want to talk, sing and dance and laugh about it. Because let’s face it if we don’t laugh we’ll cry!

“And one of the rules of writing and creating is ‘show don’t tell’. So I did. We could stand on stage for a few hours and talk andsing about our boobs or we could simply take the bull by the horns and show everybody what we’re talking about.

“Busting Out! completely and utterly smashes the myth of body perfection. We’re the normal ones and to aspire to anything else is crazy. Let’s age gracefully, or ungracefully if you want. But you know the best inspiration – it’s to give people the kind of laugh they haven’t had in decades and that’s what we’ve got for them.”

You might think that having to ‘show and tell’ every night would be a challenge for the two performers.

But rather than being the moment she dreads, Emma claims it’s the highlight of her evening!

She said:

“I guess most people think that the moment of the ‘reveal’ is challenging for us but in fact is quite the opposite. We can’t wait for that moment. It is the most empowering, liberating moment a woman could ask for and from that point
on the rollercoaster is off and running.

“I think the greatest challenge during most shows is not to laugh along with the audience. We have had some classic moments in this show. There is no fourth wall so we speak directly the audience and anything can happen and usually does and without fail either Bev or I  have to hold ourselves together or we’ll both corpse.”

Emma also believes the humour will cross over to British audiences following the show’s Australian success.

And she is confident the characters – including a bra fitter and a lactation consultant – will cross international borders wih ease.

She said:

“I have no doubt whatsoever that British audiences will love this show. We have a very similar sense of humour and it is a topic that is universal. We may be thousands of miles apart but the human condition and need for a good old laugh isn’t!”

Busting Out! is at the Lichfield Garrick on July 20, 21 and 22. For tickets – priced £15.50 – call 01543 412121 or visit

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