Susan Calder cutting the ribbon on the Calder Crossing bridge
Susan Calder cutting the ribbon on the Calder Crossing bridge

A new bridge has been officially opened in Shenstone.

The ribbon was cut on Calder Crossing by Susan Calder, wife of the late Jim Calder on July 28.

Jim was the founding chairman of the Little Holms Lammas Land Management Committee and has had the bridge dedicated to him.

The bridge, which crosses Footherley Brook, and path are fully accessible so that everyone can get to the public open spaces at either end of the crossing.

Cllr Sheila Beilby, Vice Chairwoman of Shenstone Parish Council, said:

“It was wonderful to welcome so many people to the official opening of Calder Crossing. It is thanks to Jim Calder’s vision and hard work that it has been created, and I hope it is a fitting tribute to his memory.

“We worked with local school children, groups and residents on our plans for the crossing, and I am sure they will enjoy using it to get to our local beauty spots, Lammas Land and Little Holms, for their fun and games, walks and wildlife education sessions.”

Shenstone Parish Council was able to go ahead with its plans for Calder Crossing thanks to £30,000 funding, secured by Lichfield District Council through Section 106 Agreements.

Councillor Neil Roberts, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Development Services, added:

“It is important that developers’ contributions are put towards schemes that will benefit the local community. Calder Crossing will do just that and will be much used by the whole community for years to come.”


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2 replies on “Official opening for Shenstone’s new bridge”

  1. I frequently walk across the public footpath to the Lammas land at Shenstone from Chesterfield . This morning I had time to walk furture and hopefully walk to the new crossings built in memory of Jim Calder. I was surprised to find since last walking that route a stile has been placed in the field proir to the bridge. As two strands of barbed wire are placed close to the fencing I am now unable to gain access as I walk with a Greyhound. What a pity what was such a pleasure is now impossible as access with those with larger dogs are excluded.
    Hilary Barker, Chesterfield Farm.

  2. This morning I took a chance and once again walked from Chesterfield Farm towards Shenstone, towards the Lamas Land. What a pleasant surprise to find that my comments on the blog had been acted on. I would like to say thank you to whoever removed a strand of wire enabling the larger dogs to gain easy access to the field leading to the bridge crossing to the lamas land footpath. I was therefore able to walk along the new path created in memory of Jim Calder. Once again, Thank you. Hilary Barker

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