Firefighters were called to a health retreat near Lichfield after a fire broke out in the roof.

Crews from Abbots Bromley, Barton-under-Needwood and Burton were called to Hoar Cross Health Spa on Maker Lane at 4.30pm yesterday (August 5) after staff reported a small fire where contractors had been working.

Staff called 999 but then managed to extinguish the fire themselves to stop it from spreading.

Around 300 people were evacuated to areas nearby as a precaution and were then escorted to a safe area by firefighters.

Station Manager, Paul Richins said:

“We cut away a section of the roof to allow us to check that the fire was fully out and that there were no remaining hotspots. In this instance, the quick-thinking and actions of the staff at Hoar Cross Health Spa meant that only minor damage occurred to the roof and the fire did not have time to spread, however we would not encourage anyone to tackle a fire on their own, they should wait for the fire service to arrive.”


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