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High speed rail campaigner visits Lichfield as part of route walk

A campaigner has visited Lichfield as part of a bid to highlight the proposed route of a new high-speed rail line.

Lizzy Williams from action group Stop HS2 has begun a walk that will take in the entire route of the proposed rail link between London and the Midlands.

The walk came about after campaigners across the country began discussing how best to highlight their concerns about the route.

Lizzy’s own path will be followed by a Walk The Line weekend from September 10-12.

The 36-year-old, who is unable to work following a car crash which left her with brain injuries and nerve damage, said:

“This is something I feel I have to do despite my health problems. It will be a huge challenge in my recovery process for me.  If I don’t do all I can to try and save our countryside and heritage, I will never forgive myself.

“I hope by walking I will help raise national awareness of this outrageously flawed proposal and the damage it has already done to our communities. I also want to see for myself what could be destroyed along the line.

“Futures have been stolen and I want the Government to return them.  People need to wake up and realise what the country stands to lose and that the losses to all of us grossly outweigh the unsubstantiated and merely assumed economic gains.

“Too many people are burying their heads in the sand believing it will never happen when those of us involved in fighting know that the Government is absolutely committed to HS2 despite the fact that the public consultation has not yet been carried out.”

Lizzy aims to have reached the Battle of Edgcote Reinactment on September 11th in Chipping Warden, near Banbury.

The Battle of Edgcote site is directly threatened by the HS2 proposal and lies just two miles west of her home in South Northamptonshire. She then hopes to carry on, meeting fellow campaigners from the Chiltern Society in Amersham and all the way down to London.

Stop HS2 spokesperson Joe Rukin said:

“Lizzy has inspired people and captured their imagination up and down the line, as those of us who have actually examined the plans know more attention has to be paid to HS2 and we hope this will be a real show of unity against this ridiculous extravagance.

“The simplest analysis shows it’s not just a White Elephant – it’s a whole herd of them being forced into a cluster of financial black holes. Recently I met with Andrew McNaughton, the Chief Engineer behind the project, and he admitted that there is a ‘political  need to build something that is a statement about modern transport’ and that seems to be the only logical reason for building it, as there is no business case, no environmental case and no money to pay for it.

“Schools are being cut, hospitals are being cut, and fire and police stations are being cut. Even playgrounds are being cut, but Phillip Hammond is still going to get his train set.”

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  1. Marcus Gregory

    19th November, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    To Lizzy Williams:

    Have you ever had to stand on the 7.08am Virgin Pendolino from Lichfield to London Euston? I don’t think you are aware of the number of people that currently work in London whilst living here and the number of people that could work in London whilst living here with a faster rail link. Please remind yourself and drive to London one day and see the number of cars, traffic jams, accidents and pollution that sit between Lichfield and our capital.

    I don’t understand your arguement: you have suffered physically in an RTA (which I am very sorry about), yet you oppose a solution to taking traffic off our roads in favour for the countryside?

    Feats of engineering of this nature made this country “Great” (Brunel, GNER, The Mallard, The Flying Scotsman) and investment in infrastructure is vital to our nation’s economy(as well as education and health as you correctly mention). Have you ever considered the impact the Japanese Bullet train had on Japanese people, in terms of infrastructure, personal mobility and national status?

    Surely completing such a feat for charitable causes would be more beneficial.

  2. Andrew Gibbs

    20th November, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    Engineering indeed made this country great, and gave us canals, steam trains, and an empire. It also gave us the millenium dome, concord(e), and the Humber bridge – great engineering but bad ideas. HS2 needs to be looked at carefully to make sure it is truly a great idea, rather than a great waste of money.