Lichfield theatre company Nobody’s Perfect Productions have announced the cast for their new double-bill of plays.

Written by city author and theatre reviewer Phil Preece, Almost Human and Precious Jewel deal with the subject of abuse of power.

Almost Human is set in the near future and concerns the plight of recluse, geek and loner, Rob Smallman who spends his days shut up in his room endlessly playing computer war games. He seems to have lost all contact with the outside world, apart from his Gran with whom he lives. However, he has left a game playing in the background of his laptop and a very special and dangerous visitor from the screen steps from the digital world into the confines of his bedroom.

This visitor is bent on world domination and somehow, Rob has to stop her!

Precious Jewel is set in 1583, the day before Queen Elizabeth’s 50th birthday. She has been out hunting, along with her many followers, and is caught out by a terrible storm and has to take refuge in an isolated country house. The household is thrown into turmoil almost as great as the storm outside as this most prestigious of visitors descends on them. However,there are secrets and stories to unravel.

Director and Nobody’s Perfect Artistic Director Paolo Allen said:

“Phil Preece has done it yet again. We have the opportunity to premier two beautifully crafted plays, one comedy and one drama, which in all aspects are sophisticated, clever, surprising and challenging.

“Linked with a common theme, the pieces have now been fully cast and features, Della Allen as Queen Elizabeth 1st, Matthew Huntbach as her guard Tyrell and Natasha James as Ariel who comes to destroy the Earth.

“I’m very excited about this project and we are all looking forward to open our tour in our home city of Lichfield.”

The plays are at the Lichfield Garrick Studio Theatre on October 7 to 9. For more information visit

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