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Lichfield residents urged to remain united despite campaign to change rail route

Councillor Matthew Ellis

Councillor Matthew Ellis

A county councillor representing rural communities affected by plans for a high speed train route through Lichfield has urged  people to stick together in opposing the scheme.

The plea came from Cllr Matthew Ellis (Cons, Lichfield Rural East) after it emerged that a local campaign has been launched to move the route up to a kilometre to the east.

And although the move would appease many objectors, Cllr Ellis is urging residents to remain united and make sure the problem isn’t simply shunted into other communities.

He explained:

“The desire to get rid of this issue from your own back yard into a neighbour’s is understandable but it simply serves to widen the distress and potential blight being suffered. It also risks weakening the strength of southern Staffordshire villages and communities all the way down the route working closely together.

“Dozens of people have contacted me because well advanced plans they had to sell their homes or make significant life changes have come to an abrupt halt. It is difficult enough without one area turning on another and I hope that the collaboration across the area to date continues.”

The proposed route move to the east would mean greater impact on people in Whittington, Hopwas, Drayton Bassett, Bonehill and Mile Oak.

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  1. Neil Coley

    16th September, 2010 at 9:33 am

    Won’t the rail-link create a great deal of employment? Isn’t that what we need?

  2. Mark Horsley

    3rd November, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    There’s not a chance of unity if the Lichfield residents persist with this NIMBY re-routing proposal that dumps on the residents of other communities.
    Far better to avoid tinkering with the route and to unite in campaining to stop the whole thing. I am proud to say that the residents of Drayton Bassett voted wholeheartedly for this approach at the initial meeting when the plan was announced. We recognised that proposing alternative routes simply spreads the blight and hands the proponents of the HSRL an excuse for ignoring us.