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Police at the scene following the murder of Michael Eccles in the Dimbles area of Lichfield in January 2009
Anti-social behaviour in an area of Lichfield were a dad was beaten to death have dropped, according to new police figures. The Dimbles Lane shopping area has been targeted by officers following the death of Michael Eccles in January 2009. Carl Keatley of Greencroft, Lichfield, and Jordan Carroll of Windmill Close in the city, were convicted of his murder in August last year. And now a new report has revealed that while residents reported 126 anti-social behaviour (ASB) incidents in 2008 and 72 in 2009, only 13 complaints have been made so far in 2010. Lichfield policing commander Inspector Jed White said:
“Nuisance behaviour has dropped sharply in the last three years thanks to a concerted effort to tackle ASB and improve public confidence in the Dimbles Lane area. 
We’ve worked very closely with partners to offer real alternatives to youngsters – such as a badminton scheme set up by one of our PCSOs for those previously involved in ASB. “The community itself has played a key role in this success and we’d continue to ask people to talk to us, and tell us their concerns or suggestions.”
The crackdown by Staffordshire Police has included increased patrols in the area, use of a mobile police station, new CCTV and the use of Section 27 powers to force trouble-makers to leave the area for up to 48 hours. Lichfield District Councillor Helen Fisher added:
“This is great news and really positive for the area. Unsociable behaviour has been a problem in north Lichfield, but the actions of the police, their partner agencies and community volunteers have made a big difference. I am confident that everyone will carry on taking pride in their community and that instances of anti-social behaviour continue to fall.”

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6 replies on “Anti-social behaviour down in area where Lichfield dad was murdered”

  1. If the above has given improved quality of living in that area it is indeed excellent news.
    Have three quarters of drug dealers given up their lucrative past time?
    Would someone other than police/councilors please inform us if crime has reduced by three quarters or do you just no bother reporting it these days?

  2. There has been a lot of police activity and individual effort from officers such as PCSO Maggie Griffiths and others. There has been great communication from people like the Neighbourhood Watch co ordinator Rob Nunn. There has been Operation Nemesis, there have been prosecutions, undercover work…

    The most effective bit has been my neighbours thinking about their community and what they will not tolerate. Well done everyone

  3. Thanks “66usual” for your post.
    Well done to all those trying to clean up the area.
    I have not noticed reports of prosecutions in the press or on this site – can you point me in the direction of any reports?

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