How fab the day was – the sun blazing across Lichfield, the city buzzing with people and, after deciding to partake of coffee and rather yummy carrot cake at the George IV in Bore Street, I sat to listen to the Netherstowe Big Band. The ensemble were playing outside at the rear of the wonderful George IV pub and the expectant crowd were treated to a large number of great classic pieces performed, so professionally, by this talented band of young people. Indeed it made me feel quite nostalgic (as an ex-teacher) to see young people playing to such a high standard and entertaining a very excited audience. Under the very strong lead of Dave Thomas the band played with energy and panache. Well known pieces such as Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Lennon and McCartney’s Yesterday were obvious favourites. The most notable quality from the afternoon was the high expectations and sheer musicianship of these young men and women. If you can catch them playing locally, make sure you check them out! The afternoon show was the beginning of the George IV Jazz festival which started yesterday (October 17) with music from Tim Amann and then runs every night at 8.30pm until October 21, where the festival rounds off with one of Lichfield’s finest – Funktional. Tickets for each evening performance are £5 and can be purchaes by dropping into the George or by calling 01543 419596.

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  1. Well spotted mikei6, I hate it when people make mistakes on this blog. Dumbing down is so alive and er….. living….

  2. Ok gents, enough is enough – I think people need to remember that the context of this piece is applauding young musicians. Surely that’s the important bit?

    And please remember that The Lichfield Blog is put together by volunteers who don’t necessarily have the time to check copy over and over (holding my hands up on this one). But without these people donating their time and work the site wouldn’t exist. So giving them a kicking for a typo is not going to help anyone. Paolo has given coverage to young musicians – if he did not for fear of people picking up on a typo then we’d be unable to read about their exploits.

    The last line below the comments says it all: Please be courteous. I’d ask you all to remember this in future.

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