Adam Penn
Adam Penn

A Lichfield legal expert is offering advice to drivers settling an insurance claim after a change to the law.

The end of British Summer Time arrives tomorrow (October 31) – and also marks the start of a seasonal increase in the number of roads traffic accidents as the evenings become darker earlier.

Adam Penn, a personal injury solicitor at Lichfield law firm Ansons Solicitors said:

“The changes [to the law] are aimed at quickening the claims process, but this has led to a significant number of insurers contacting accident victims directly, purely to reach a speedy settlement.

“Settling early could mean receiving less compensation, particularly as it is often not possible to understand the full extent of a person’s injuries until some time after the accident.

“Speeding-up the process, often also means that the accident victim doesn’t get chance to seek legal advice.  Obtaining legal advice from an appropriately qualified solicitor is not just about seeking compensation, it can also help to enforce changes to reduce the possibility of further accidents and assist with private medical care.

“Most solicitors offer victims of accidents a cost-free initial consultation during which the case is assessed. If the case isn’t pursued, the victim has gained peace of mind at no cost.  Should a claim have prospects of success, then most solicitors will act on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and take immediate action to protect the victim’s position.”