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Lichfield dyslexia expert critical of new Ofsted report

Dr Neville Brown

Dr Neville Brown

A leading dyslexia expert based in Lichfield has warned that a new Ofsted report “will doom dyslexics”.

The Reading by six report set out a number of issues relating to illiteracy in the education system.

However a number of the recommendations may pose problems for some youngsters, according to Dr Neville Brown, principle of Maple Hayes Dyslexia School.

He explained:

“Any report which attempts to tackle the problem of illiteracy which faces many children as they move from primary into secondary schools is certainly to be welcomed. However, it ignores the issue of dyslexia completely.

“The report attributes reading success to systematic teaching of synthetic phonics. Unfortunately there many dyslexics who do just not make any adequate progress with phonics even after considerable specialist teaching – sometimes over many years. If anything this will doom dyslexics to grinding away at an infantile vocabulary of phonically regular words.

“Hidden away in the back of the report is a warning that learners may be trapped on simple phonic books because they struggle with phonics. This is only recognition of the difficulties that dyslexics face every day in many schools across the country. Disappointingly Ofsted offers no guidance on how intelligent children with dyslexic difficulties can be helped.”

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  1. Luqman Michel

    16th November, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    What does the ‘expert’ Dr.Brown say about the article in Reading Horizon which says that dyslexics do not have a problem with phonological awareness deficit ? Why do researchers keep saying that dyslexics have a problem reading because of phonological awareness deficit?

    Luqman Michel

  2. John Callahan

    18th November, 2010 at 4:27 am

    A dyslexic reading programme needs to co-ordinate memory.

    +istening = speaking + reading.
    I teach even the toughest dyslexics in no time flat. My hardest clients are those who are still living with stress. In other words they are being emotionally and physically abused. I will go so far to say that where there dyslexia there is abuse .I am wary of teaching children who are living with a prime stressor. Once that relationship is dissolved it’s easy . I can do it online. By the way. Neville, how about a job ?