Merry Christmas from The Lichfield Blog team
The team behind The Lichfield Blog would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. We hope all of our contributors and readers enjoy their turkey and trimmings tomorrow. It’s quite astonishing to think that we’ve now seen in two festive periods on the good ship The Lichfield Blog without us sinking it or steering it towards choppy waters. But without the people who take the time to make the site what it is we’d be about as much use as a Santa hat in March. We’ve had another year of growth, although (thankfully!) perhaps not as swift as the previous 12 months. But the focus this year has been on stability and ensuring that this website could survive if one of its key elements was to vanish. And while we’re perhaps not quite at that stage just yet, we’re certainly on the right road. This past 12 months has also allowed us to start to look outside the boundaries of this site to se if there are ways of us getting even more involved in developing our links with the community. We’ve already seen Viva LichVegas spawned (hope you’ve asked Santa for one of their T-Shirts!) and there are even more great ideas in the pipeline. It’s worth remembering, though, that everyone who helps to put the site together does so for nothing more than the love of it. For that very reason, we’d love to see more and more folks get involved. So if you do fancy helping the site in any way, through writing, pictures, ideas or general crazy schemes for us to get involved in, don’t forget to contact us at the usual address. So here’s to another fab year of fun and frustration. Hope you’re all enjoying it as much as we are!


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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