The Lichfield Blog's birthday cake
Two years ago The Lichfield Blog launched with this welcome post from founder Ross Hawkes. As we celebrate our 2nd birthday we are also announcing the launch of a new umbrella organisation to encompass all our activities as we move forward into year 3. Lichfield Community Media (LCM) incorporates our main project, The Lichfield Blog and our recently launched t-shirt brand, Viva LichVegas. LCM is a not-for-profit organisation charged with providing community news and information. It exists primarily, at this stage, to operate The Lichfield Blog and any other venture which helps to sustain that. As a commercial enterprise LCM will take up commercial ventures which help to pay for projects that serve it’s aims. Viva LichVegas is the first of these commercial ventures and we expect to pursue many more into the future. Being a not-for-profit enterprise, LCM is allowed to make a profit but if it does those profits must be re-invested into the business to further it’s aims. LCM’s shareholders are not permitted to take profits for themselves.
Philip John blows the candles out
Commenting on the future plans Philip John, commercial director of Lichfield Community Media said, “The last two years have been brilliant and we’ve made a lot of progress thanks to the fabulous support and contributions we receive week after week. It’s time to really plan the way forward though and make sure we stick around for good. We’ve got big plans for the future. We believe LCM is the way that we’ll make our hyperlocal news site sustainable and hopefully help other sites to do the same. This is great news for Lichfield but should be good news for local media in the UK, as we continue to set a good example for local sites everywhere.” A new web site has been launched for Lichfield Community Media which will chronicle the activities of the organisation and new projects it undertakes.

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