Erica Bayliss with one of the new Hammerwich signs
Erica Bayliss with one of the new Hammerwich signs

Work has begun to put up new boundary signs around Hammerwich, highlighting the area as being the home of the Staffordshire Hoard.

The Anglo-Saxon haul was found in a field alongside the A5 in 2009 and the unique artefacts are set to go on display across the region as part of a touring exhibition.

And Staffordshire County Council chairman Erica Bayliss believes the new signs will allow Hammerwich residents to celebrate the area’s role in the unique discovery. Writing on her blog, she explained:

“The discovery of the Staffordshire Hoard was an outstanding event in Staffordshire’s history and will do much to inform our understanding of Anglo-Saxon England and in particular the Midland kingdom of Mercia. These signs will give a sense of pride to the residents of Hammerwich that such an important find was made in their parish.”


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4 replies on “New Hammerwich signs celebrate discovery of the Staffordshire Hoard”

  1. I’m just sad that Staffordshire – a council undergoing a chronic package of cuts – clearly has enough to waste on pathetic, pointless vanity projects like this.

    When people are losing their jobs, the council is cutting it’s social care budget massively and the poorest who depend on council services for respite and other care are being hung out to dry, Councillor Bayliss has the chutzpah to crow about this childish waste of resources. The councillor should be ashamed of herself.

    Leaving aside the questionable assertion made on the sign, one wonders as to the true motivation, which largely seems to be based on an infantile bout of paddy-stamping. Should the residents of the little village of Hammerwich suddenly be swamped by gold-seeking tourists, I’m sure they’ll be first to complain.

    Also rather puzzling is the addition of the fluorescent pretzels to the sign… I thought the symbol of Staffordshire was a knot, not a Jewish comestible.


  2. A total waste of rate payers money. As Brownhills Bob predicted we now have “gold prospectors” together with their equipment in fields surrounding the village!!

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