As the scoreline suggests, this was exciting and crazy match between two evenly matched teams who produced plenty of goals.

Chasetown got off to a fine start and were the first to score after seven minutes when a good shot from Jade Arber produced a corner taken by Jodie Edwards. This lead to a scramble in the goalmouth and Steph Powell managed to force the ball over the line.

Prees scored an equaliser and second goal in the next  ten minute spell. The second was from a long shot from the right, which was over Chasetown’s keeper who was at full stretch.

The visitors worked hard at creating many shots at goal but none managed to find the back of the net.

A lucky break for Prees produced a third in the 40th minute and really the game should have been over at 3-1.

The second half started badly for Chasetown with Prees scoring a fourth in the 47th minute.

The visitors decided to throw the dice and brought on Heather Loynes in a 4-4-2 formation, with player of the match Charlotte Bull moving up front. The changes produced an almost immediate reversal of the Scholars’ fortunes.

Bull took a pass from Edwards beflore slotting home to make the score 4-2.

The goal invigorated the whole team and confidence flowed. Prees retreated into a defensive formation to hang on but Chasetown were playing with confidence and scored three goals in the next five minutes to drag the score to 5-4 in Chasetown’s favour. A goal by Jade Arber, another from Powell and an excellent shot from 50 yards by Dani Wright, had turned the game on its head.

Two more goals followed from Sinead Treanor in the 83rd and84th minute after some excellent crosses from Nicci Barter who had been moved from sweeper to right midfield.

The match should have been safe at 7-4 but Chasetown switched off and back came Prees scoring a fifth and sixth in the closing five minutes of the second half.

Chasetown: Becky Troth, Sarah Thompson, Stephanie Powell, Nicci Barter, Charlotte Bull, NatashaWhitehouse, Jade Arber, Jodie Kinsey, Sinead Treanor, Stacey Roberts, and Dani Wright. Sub: Heather Loynes.

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