A capacity audience at the Guildhall saw some of the finest guitarists in the country when Four Parts Guitar opened their latest tour in Lichfield.

The ensemble, consisting of acoustic guitarists and composers Gordon Giltrap and Clive Caroll, jazz guitarist John Etheridge and classical performer Raymond Burley played their own short sets, before playing a set together.

Four Parts Guitar

Giltrap started his set with Appalachian Dreaming, and also played his best known piece, Heartsong. Raymond Burley played a collection of classical solo pieces, while John Etheridge used a looping pedal to play some jazz standards, and a piece by the composer Abdullah Ibrahim.

Closing the first set, Clive Caroll started with a selection of Irish pieces, before playing his ambient acoustic piece Oregon, which was an abject lesson in leaving space in music.

The second part of the concert saw the musicians playing a selection of pieces in a group format. They started with the Gordon Giltrap composition A Dublin Day for all of the players as well as a complex suite of mediaeval style music by Clive Caroll, which featured his playing blending with the classical playing of Raymond Burley.

A good evening of music from some acclaimed performers.