Welephant wins the character pancake race
Welephant wins the character pancake race

A race involving a bear, an elephant and a cigarette can only mean one thing – Lichfield’s annual pancake day race!

The main events saw several heats before Mary Fathers, competing for Lichfield Golf and Country Club, won the female event and Andy Gooch From Wilkinson’s took the men’s race.

However, the costume contest is always one of the most-anticipated events and this year it saw a range of characters take part in the race along Bore Street.

Stubby the Cigarette took part in the competition and helped to promote No Smoking Day by collapsing during the race and requiring CPR from paramedics.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s risk reduction officer James Hettihewa-Young said:

“The day was a bit of fun to help highlight cooking safety, especially when making pancakes as it is easy to become distracted and leave your pan unattended.

“We also used it as an opportunity to highlight smoking safety and hope that many people across Staffordshire will today be having a smoke-free day today or even better, quitting for good.

“People know the health risks of smoking but they shouldn’t underestimate the threats associated with smoking in the home if cigarettes aren’t extinguished properly. While property can be replaced a life cannot.”

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