Firefighters have warned that lives are being put at risk after two wheelie bins went up in flames in Lichfield.

The window of a property on Heather Close in the city was damaged after the fire at 4.30am on Saturday morning (April 9).

After putting out the fire they were called back to the same road just 40 minutes later after another bin was set alight.

Risk reduction co-ordinator, James Hettihewa-Young, said:

“Given the location and short-time frame it is likely that both of these deliberate fires were started by the same person or people. We would urge people to be extra vigilant about where they leave wheelie bins and where possible keep them out of sign and as far away from your property as possible.

“Thankfully, we managed to stop the fire from causing any serious damage however it could have easily been much worse. Starting fires deliberately is a stupid thing to do as you are not only endangering yourself, you are putting other people’s lives at risk as well, including the firefighters.

“What people who start fires deliberately also don’t consider is that someone else could need us for a real emergency, they could be trapped in a burning house and we are tied up putting out a needless fire instead.”


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