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DC Chris Alford, DS Mitchell Thomas and DI Kevin Mulligan with Chief Supt Mick Harrison
Three police officers have been commended for their work in catching armed robbers who targeted a post office in Hammerwich. Detective Inspector Kevin Mulligan, Detective Sergeant Mitchell Thomas and Detective Constable Christopher Alford were involved in the case after four masked men demanded money from the sub-postmistress in March 2009. She suffered a broken arm in a struggle as the offenders escaped with £3,000 in cash together with foreign currency, postage stamps and postal orders. After reports of the gang in the area, DI Mulligan, the Local Neighbourhood Policing Unit Commander at Burntwood at the time, tracked down and single-handedly detained two of the men until other officers arrived. DS Thomas and DC Alford were commended for their working investigating the case and building enough evidence to force the men to enter guilty pleas at Stafford Crown Court, where they were jailed for a minimum of eight years. The trio were presented with the Staffordshire Police Divisional Commanders Certificate of Commendation by Chief Superintendent Mick Harrison.


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4 replies on “Policemen commended for catching Hammerwich post office armed robbers”

  1. wow police commended for doing what taxpayers pay them to do and then no doubt taxpayers pay for the award. wow

  2. It’s not until it’s actually demonstrated that you realise the very substantive difference between the truly professional miserablist and the merely competent amateur.

    Bravo, sir, may your glass always be half empty.

    To the rozzers, thanks chaps. Nice work.

    Best wishes


  3. Actually, I agree with you both.

    One officer is commended for single-handedly detaining two potentially armed and dangerous men. Outstanding work.

    Two other officers build a case against them. Well done but not exactly beyond the call of duty.

  4. What they failed to say is that the car that two of the robbers were in actually broke down just round the corner from the post office, so it can’t have been too hard can it!

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