Defeated Liberal Democrats have been left to reflect on what might have been after losing all of their seats on Lichfield District Council.

They joined many of their party colleagues across the country in feeling the public backlash over the coalition government.

Their failure to secure a seat and a similar result for independent, UKIP and Green Party candidates across Lichfield and Burntwood means the district is now governed by just two parties – the Conservatives and Labour.

Ian Jackson, who had served in Leomansley ward for eight years and was the Lib Dem group leader, admitted he was “disappointed” but conceded that they had paid the price for national issues.

He told The Lichfield Blog:

“We’re suffering from the success really of the Liberals nationally being in Government. We’ve been working very hard for many years to squeeze the Labour vote in Leomansley and this time they’ve turned their backs on us.

“It’s the old thing – if you vote Labour, you get a Tory.”

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6 replies on “Liberal Democrats lose all of their seats on Lichfield District Council”

  1. “It’s the old thing – if you vote Labour, you get a Tory.”

    I think we should pause for a moment and consider the irony in that statement. 

    “We’ve been working very hard for many years to squeeze the Labour vote in Leomansley and this time they’ve turned their backs on us.”

    The point of today’s national electoral disaster for the Lib Dems is obviously lost on Mr Jackson : it was voting Lib Dem that got us a Tory government. Small wonder that Labour voters aren’t prepared to lend their support to the Lib Dems. 

  2. “It’s the old thing – if you vote Labour, you get a Tory.” A bit rich really in the circumstances! I think if Mr Jackson uses some of his new spare time to reflect on why nationally people turned their backs on his party he’ll realise it’s that when we voted Lib Dem in the general election we had no idea we would be ensuring Conservative rule in the UK. I appreciate it’s a bit rough that local councillors pay the price for the poor judgement of their party’s MPs but he should probably move out of the greenhouse before he starts throwing stones.

  3. Comments so far seem to indicate that people voted Lib Dem at the general election because they thought they would get a Lib Dem government? Or did they think they’d get a Labour government?

    People have turned their backs on the Lib Dems because the compromises they made to get some power for their voters were more than those voters could stomach. The same would have been true in a Lib-Labour coalition – different compromises, same result.

  4. DQ, I take your point on the compromises they would have had to make to go into coalition with Labour, and it’s apparent that apart from a referendum on PR, the Labour Party were offering almost nothing for a minority coalition. However we are where we are and, with the exception of party members I think many people are wondering what the point of voting Lib Dem is. If you agree with Coalition policy you’re best off voting Tory and if you don’t then you’re not going to vote Liberal Democrat. Speaking personally, I was in a fairly safe Labour seat at the last election so I certainly wasn’t voting for a Labour Government. I honestly didn’t expect such indecent haste to abandon key policies and principles for the vanity of being able to say “we are in power”.

  5. May I pay tribute to Marion Bland, Politics appart Marion has worked
    hard during the last four years as a chadsmead councillor and I personally have great respect for her and the the good work she has achieved. The election campaign was hard fought in chadsmead but with great respect. Gook look in the future and no dought we will see you active soon.

  6. TO be fair to him the quote that the Lichfield Blog have put up is wrong. If you listen to the audio he actually says “It’s the old thing IN LEOMANSLEY if you vote Labour, you get a Tory.”

    He misses the point though, the same as many Lidems are missing the point. It’s not the success of the Libdems that was punished, it was the duplicitous nature of the Libdems that was punished. The “vote Labour get Tory” line obviously didn’t help them but in terms of policy they let all their voters down. Voters who are quite likely lost to the party forever. That the Libdems don’t get it only reinforces their problems. They like to say that 75% of their manifesto policies have made it into the coalition agreement, the problem is it’s not the 75% that were voted for.

    Tuition fees, scrapping of trident, PR are the totemic issues for Libdem voters and they’ve been abandoned. Bye bye Libdems, I for one won’t miss you one little bit.

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