Ballot box. Pic: Anthony Karanja
Ballot box. Pic: Anthony Karanja

Polls are closed and candidates from across Lichfield and Burntwood are eagerly anticipating the outcome of the vote.

The Lichfield Blog is live at Drayton Manor for the count and  will be providing updates throughout the day.

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Below is the full list of results which will be updated as the results come in.

All Saints (turnout 43.9%)

Alrewas and Fradley (turnout 50%)

Armitage with Handsacre (turnout 40.6%)

  • Richard Cox (Conservatives)
  • Jill Hyden (Labour)
  • Steve Hyden (Labour)
  • Thomas Marshall (Conservatives)
  • Elaine Moore (Labour)
  • Martyn Tittley (Conservatives)

Boley Park (turnout 57.2%)

Boney Hay (turnout 39.8%)

Bourne Vale (no contest)

  • Brian Yeates (Conservatives)

Burntwood Central (turnout 40.8%)

Chadsmead (turnout 39.6%)

Chase Terrace (39.5%)

Chasetown (turnout 36.6%)

Colton and Mavesyn Ridware (no contest)

  • Shirley Barnett (Conservatives)

Curborough (turnout 39.6%)

  • Brian Bacon (Conservatives)
  • Norma Bacon (Conservatives)
  • Colin Ball (Labour)
  • John Brooks (Labour)
  • Eileen Cope (UKIP)
  • Mark Ellis (Lib Dem)
  • David Leytham (Conservatives)
  • Keiren Parkes (Lib Dem)
  • Lorraine Parkes (Lib Dem)
  • John Walker (Independent)
  • Tony Wilkins (Labour)

Fazeley (turnout 39.6%)

  • Ian Lewin (Conservatives)
  • Glen Mynott (Labour)
  • Alan Pearce (Conservatives)
  • Hayley Taroni (Conservatives)

Hammerwich (turnout 46.9%)

Highfield (33.9%)

King’s Bromley (no contest)

  • Ian Pritchard (Conservatives)

Leomansley (turnout 49.6%)

  • Bob Awty (Conservatives)
  • Trevor Cook (UKIP)
  • Iain Eadie (Conservatives)
  • Ian Jackson (Lib Dem)
  • Derek Love (Lib Dem)
  • Andrew Smith (Conservatives)
  • John Smith (Lib Dem)
  • Mark Taylor (Labour)

Little Aston (turnout 60.8%)

  • Roy Boffy (Labour)
  • Louise Flowith (Conservatives)
  • John Morris (Labour)
  • Joseph Powell (Conservatives)

Longdon (no contest)

  • Neil Roberts (Conservatives)

Mease and Tame (55.7%)

  • Sue Arnold (Conservatives)
  • Penny Bennion (Lib Dem)
  • Roger Bennion (Lib Dem)
  • Ellen Perkins (Conservatives)

Shenstone (turnout 57%)

  • Rita Hancocks (Conservatives)
  • Peter McTigue (Labour)
  • David Salter (Conservatives)

St John’s (turnout 51.9%)

Stonnall (turnout 55.1%)

Stowe (turnout 47.5%)

  • Jeyan Anketell (Lib Dem)
  • Bernard Derrick (Conservatives)
  • Colin Greatorex (Conservatives)
  • Karen Maunder (UKIP)
  • Max Rea (Lib Dem)
  • Christel Roe (Lib Dem)
  • Stephen Sanders (Labour)
  • David Smedley (Conservatives)
  • Rich Spencer (Green Party)
  • Malcolm Watson (Labour)
  • Caroline Wood (Labour)

Summerfield (turnout 33.9%)

Whittington (no contest)

  • Robert Strachan (Conservatives)
  • Alan White (Conservatives)


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  1. I’m surprised by those turnout figures. I was involved in running a polling station, and I don’t think we reached 30%. Mind you, the local canvassing was pretty non-existent too.

  2. …having said that, It occurs to me that I’m not including the postal votes in that figure, so the actual voting turnout would indeed have been higher.

    Hm. I know, it’s pretty sad when you start commenting on your own comments isn’t it?.

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