Michael Fabricant MP
Michael Fabricant MP

Lichfield’s MP has described the local election results as “amazing”.

The Conservatives saw their majority on Lichfield District Council increase by two seats as the independent and Liberal Democrat vote collapsed.

But while the Lib Dems paid the price for national issues, the Tories enjoyed a more productive afternoon as the votes from Lichfield and Burntwood came in.

Michael Fabricant MP

And Michael Fabricant MP believes the city’s voters were able to retain a focus on the local political landscape. He explained:

“On Lichfield City Council, only one Labour and one Liberal Democrat councillor were elected and all the rest were Conservative. And far from the expected decrease in its majority, the Conservatives on the District Council gained two seats. Quite incredible.

“This is an amazing result which rewrites the political text books which say that when a Government is having to take tough political and economic decisions, the electorate take it out on the party in power. Instead, this was turned upside down. Despite the results in the local elections four years ago – which were thought to be at a peak of Conservative popularity – Conservative gains were improved upon still further.

“It is a testament to the wisdom of the electorate who understand the causes of our economic difficulties and who have no appetite for another Labour Government either locally or nationally, reward for the hard work of our Conservative councillors over the last four years in office, and faith in the plans proposed by Conservatives for Lichfield over the next four years.  This gives a clear mandate for the continuing professional management of the Council for the benefit of the people living in Lichfield District.

“I am proud of the Council and of its councillors in delivering such an amazing election win.”

Mr Fabricant’s comments echo those of the Conservative District Council group’s leader Michael Wilcox, who said the results showed local residents had “confidence” in his party.

The Tories scooped 46 seats in the vote, with Labour left to clean up the remaining ten.


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