County Cllr Mike Maryon
County Cllr Mike Maryon

Staffordshire County Council have revealed another four weeks of potholes repairs across the county.


Following a 10 week blitz to repair road defects the county’s highway chief Mike Maryon has announce a further four weeks to repair more roads.

Over 6,000 defects were prepared in the ten week period which followed freezing weather conditions during the coldest December on record.

The move is part of an extra £6million investment on top of the original £30 million committed to by the council over a four year period.

County Councillor Maryon, Cabinet member for Highways and Transport, said:

“People regularly tell me that potholes are one of the most important issues to them on a local level. Having a good quality road infrastructure plays a major role in the county’s economy and I am determined to get Staffordshire’s roads in as good condition as possible, given the funding available.

“Between the county council and the Government we have pledged £6 million of extra funding this year to tackle potholes and carry out vital structural maintenance to try to prevent further problems in the future. This is essential work which will benefit residents, visitors and businesses in the county.

“The extra investment strengthens our long term strategy to significantly improve our roads. In 2009 I committed to providing an additional £30 million over a four year period, virtually doubling the annual road maintenance budget. Investment in the county’s roads now will reap benefits in the future, providing good value for money for taxpayers.”