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Staffordshire Police are reporting a fall in violent crime with injury across Staffordshire as police and partner agencies work together to make the county even safer. In the last 12 months violence with injury reduced in all nine Local Policing Team areas with the number of crimes recorded in 2010/11 standing at 8,488. This represents a 12.1 per cent decrease when compared to 9,653 violence with injury crimes recorded in 2009/10. A quarter of these injuries are caused by domestic violence. The force has a well-established policy of taking positive action in respect of this type of crime and works closely with local authorities and partner agencies such as Women’s Aid and Arch to tackle underlying causes. Operation Safer Nights is the force’s approach to tackling alcohol fuelled violence across our town centres. In the past 12 months town centre violence has reduced by 19 per cent, with reported incidents standing at 1,262 incidents this year compared to 1,567 last year. Less than 14 serious violent crimes are committed in Staffordshire each week and the force is determined to drive that figure down even further. Assistant Chief Constable Marcus Beale said:
“This is good news for the people of Staffordshire who can rest assured that we, together with our partners, are doing all we can to keep people safe, and make them feel safe. There’s no excuse for violence in the home, in our town centres or anywhere else for that matter. “While the fall in the number of cases of violence with injury is to be welcomed, we will continue our drive to reduce it still further. We are working closely with our colleagues at local authorities and other partner agencies to clamp down on violence in all of its forms and make the communities we serve even safer. “Operation Safer Nights was launched in December 2009 to specifically tackle violent crime, much of which is fuelled by alcohol, and has since seen the development of numerous initiatives aimed at reducing violent incidents in our town centres. With early intervention tactics, would be trouble makers are removed from our town centres. Our licensing teams work closely with the licensing industry to ensure venues are operating lawfully and any licence conditions imposed are adhered too. “We want people to be safe and to feel safe when they are out enjoying themselves and we remain committed to tackling the things that matter most to the communities we serve.”
David Pearsall, Chair of Staffordshire Police Authority, said:
“These figures are extremely pleasing, tackling violence in our town centres is a priority and we continue to work together with our partners to ensure that our town are safe and enjoyable places to visit.”

5 replies on “Police figures show crime falling in Lichfield & Burntwood”

  1. When one looks at the site using Frog Lane, Lichfield as the centre of the neighbourhood/area – it reports for dec 2010/jan 2012 “crime in this area is “high” compared with the rest of England/Wales”.Feb shows as unavailable but by March the goal posts have moved – sorry I should say they have changed the area so now it reads there are more crimes but class the higher number as average !
    What’s that expression by “Twain”-“There are facts ,statistics and ” can not recall the rest.

    Violet crime December 2010, 31cases
    Violet crime March 2011, 41cases
    Increase in violent crime 10 cases or 32 percent.

    Total cases for December 2010, 175cases
    Total cases for March 2011, 230cases
    Increase in total cases 55 cases or 32 percent

  2. I think the quote you are looking for is “there are lies, damn lies, and statistics”. And to be fair, looking at the stats for the Lichfield area for the first few months of this year, the trend does appear to be of increasing crime. I also agree that the “neighbourhood” bit of the site does seem a bit random – sometimes referring to the city centre and sometimes north lichfield (two different neighbourhoods) depending on which month you look at.

    However, four months worth of crime data for Lichfield at the beginning of this year doesn’t necessarily represent 12 months of data for the whole of Staffordshire, so you can’t really argue that the main figure for Staffordshire is misleading. You could be right, it could indeed be that Lichfield has a problem compared to other areas of Staffordshire, but it could also be that more crimes are committed in the Winter than in the Summer, and all you are demonstrating with your figures is a “typical” trend of crime, which for all we know might in fact be better than at the same time last year.

    I’m not saying you are wrong, Cynic, but you aren’t comparing apples with apples, so you can’t really accuse others of statistical manipulation when you are doing it yourself…

  3. …Actually having said all that, I may have to eat my words.

    I’ve just read an article which stated that violence is seasonal – but that most assaults happen in late summer with the lowest number in spring, so perhaps Cynic could be on to something, and there could be a bit of a problem in Lichfield after all… Hmm.

  4. Actually, having said that – I’ve just read something about seasonal variation in violent crime being lowest in spring, and worst in summer. In which case the stats that Cynic draws our attention to are indeed perhaps rather concerning for Lichfield….

    Does anybody know any different?

  5. “Asellus aquaticus “Thanks for joining the debate.
    Quote “there are lies, damn lies, and statistics”. End quote. You may say that I could not possibly comment!
    See another news item on this blog under the head line
    Quote “Staffordshire Police claim overall fall in crime” Figures show serious acquisitive crime – which includes burglary, robbery and vehicle crime – FELL to 9272 from 10695, a drop of 13 per cent.
    Business-related crime has also fallen from 9297 to 8504, a drop of nearly nine per cent.End quote

    THEN else ware on another local paper/blog site
    Quote”Mr Cunningham was speaking on Tuesday in the wake of the latest police performance figures.
    But “serious acquisitive crime”, which includes burglary, robbery and vehicle crime, has INCREASED by 12 per cent compared with last year. Business crime has also risen by 12 per cent.” End Quote

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