Christopher Pincher MP and Angela Rippon

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A Conservative MP has teamed up with TV presenter Angela Rippon to recognise the work of carers in the Lichfield area. Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Shenstone, Elford and Tamworth, admitted that the work of people looking after families and friends is vital.
Christopher Pincher MP and Angela Rippon
To celebrate Carers Week, which runs from June 13 to 19, he met up with Angela at the House of Commons to pay tribute to carers across the region. He said:
“Thousands of people in this area sacrifice not only their time, but also their money and their health in order to care for a loved one. Together they save this country an astonishing £119 billion. They deserve to be recognised for their contribution to both our local community and to wider society. “I am taking part in Carers Week to show my respect and appreciation for our carers. I also want to let them know that there are services out there to help them. Caring can be so incredibly demanding. It’s important that carers know that they don’t have to struggle on alone.”
Angela added:
“For a number of years now I’ve become aware of the extraordinary job that carers do throughout this country. I feel that it’s important that anybody who has any knowledge at all stands up and be counted for them and make the job that they do public, because they should not be invisible, they should be out there and being seen as the heroes and heroines that they are. “It’s a strain that people accept willingly and lovingly, and if they’re prepared to do that, I think that as a civilised nation we should be prepared to do something in return.”
Other celebrities supporting carers and Carers Week include Dame Judi Dench, Sir David Jason OBE, Jack Charlton OBE and Martin Lewis.


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2 replies on “Shenstone’s MP teams up with TV presenter to support Carers Week”

  1. Tory hypocrite! His party is attacking disabled people who receive DLA, (wrongly) branding them as dole-scrounging layabouts defrauding the system and forcing everyone of them to undergo reassessments for the new allowance (P.I.P) which will stop genuine disabled people from accessing important financial assistance and then he has the gaul to support the (waste of time) Carers Week which will not change matters on iota for carers?!!!

    Sorry but as a full-time carer myself the week is a waste of time organised by a charity that has no mandate from carers to represent them. What a joke

  2. “Thank you very much for my Big Society Team Player Certificate – i don’t mind not receiving Carers Allowance any more – Knowing that it is going to a bunch of Tory Eton Toffs and Tax bail outs for Rich Corporations just keeps me battling through each day”.

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