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Residents of a Lichfield village have criticised proposals for a new housing development after they were not invited to view the plans. If built, the Foden Park site off Burton Road in Streethay, would include 850 houses – quadrupling the size of the village. But the Streethay Against Development (SAD) campaign group has criticised Miller Homes, the company behind the project, after people living in Boley Park were invited to view plans for the scheme but Streethay homeowners were not. In a newsletter sent to local residents the group said:
“Miller Homes promised they would conduct a fair consultation process. We have yet to be informed officially of the exhibition. Leaflets advertising it have been sent out to Boley Park but nowhere else in Lichfield. Can you trust them?”
The proposals show that as well as a the new homes, the development would include sports pitches, a Leisure Centre, shops and a Primary School. One Streethay resident told Lichfield Live:
“A development of this size will have a major impact on the existing village yet the developer does not appear to want to engage residents who will be directly affected by their proposals.  Traffic already queues through the length of Streethay towards Lichfield in the morning peak period so the addition of traffic from 850 further homes will be catastrophic for the village.”The land in question does not have permission for house building and is currently full of a crop of barley.  Is it right that good quality agricultural land should be lost just because a developer has invested a great deal of money and wishes to forge ahead without engaging with those directly affected?”
The exhibition of the plans is set to take place at St Michael’s Hall today (July 4) from noon to 8pm and on July 9 from 10am to 2pm. No-one from Miller Homes was available for comment.

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One reply on “Lichfield villagers angered after developer prepares to showcase housing plan”

  1. Having attended the exhibition this evening it seems that Miller Homes were aware that leaflets were not being delivered early last week but chose to do nothing about it. Streethay Against Development managed to draft, print and distribute leaflets to every home in Streethay informing them about the exhibitions in three days; something which appears to be beyond the capability of the developer. How serious are Miller Homes about conducting an inclusive consultation process I wonder? Apparently turn out was poor at today’s exhibition – perhaps informing people it was taking place would have increased footfall!

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