Edmund Bealby-Wright

A volunteer at a Lichfield museum is celebrating the publication of his debut novel.

Edmund Bealby-Wright

Edmund Bealby-Wright’s book – This Farewell Symphony – won the Impress Prize for New Writers in 2010.

And he admitted the city museum was a great place to get the creative juices flowing. He said:

“Sitting behind the desk at Erasmus House was the perfect setting for working on my novel.”

The story tells of modern-day tourists encountering the eighteenth century world of court composer Josef
Haydn and employer Prince Esterhazy.

The novel is a ghost story with no ghost in it. It is about being haunted by the past. But it is actually a laugh-out-loud comedy.

Edmund added:

“It feels strange to be called a new writer at the age of 49, but that just shows how difficult it is to break through. I have found the book appeals to anyone with a sense of humour

“In a way it is a situation comedy, with an ensemble of funny characters.”

This Farewell Symphony is available now at bookshops and online. For more information visit web.me.com/edmundbealbywright.

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