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Lichfield and Burntwood residents are being urged to give their views on broadband speed in the region. An online survey set up by Staffordshire County Council is aiming to gauge areas where internet access is an issue. The consultation follows work carried out with BT five years ago to make sure all phone exchanges in the county could offer broadband. The survey will help the council identify problems and access Government funding to improve internet speeds. Staffordshire’s cabinet leader for assets, Mark Winnington, said:
“We are really keen for people to complete the survey and now they have additional time to do so. It’s important we have as much information as possible about current broadband speeds in Staffordshire. This will help us to make our case to Government for additional funding to improve it across the county. “Fast broadband connection throughout Staffordshire is an essential factor in improving the county’s economy and prosperity. Businesses of all sizes depend on it to help them to reach out nationally and internationally and we want to make sure Staffordshire meets this requirement. “A host of opportunities are also opened up to residents through good internet connection, including access to consumer sites, education, health and public services and travel information. If we don’t know people’s broadband experiences we won’t be able to work with the relevant providers to improve the service in Staffordshire.”
People can measure their broadband speed when completing the county council’s survey. Even people who don’t use the internet are being asked to respond to the survey so the county council can find out what may be holding them back. Those who can’t complete the survey online can request a copy from the county council on 0300 111 8000.


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