Cllr Diane Evans with local residents

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Cllr Diane Evans with local residents
A Burntwood councillor has said plans for a phone mast need to be revisited after more than 500 residents signed a petition against the structure. The 10-metre mast is set to be sited on land in Boney Hay belonging to Staffordshire County Council and is been considered as an alternative to the existing one at Chase Terrace Fire Station. However, local residents have voiced their concerns about the positioning near residential properties – and Cllr Diane Evans believes the scheme must be reconsidered given the strength of local feeling. Over 500 people have signed a petition organised by local councillors opposing the siting of a 10 metre mobile phone mast near old peoples’ bungalows in Boney Hay, Burntwood. The mast is supposed to replace the ones on Chase Terrace Fire station Drill Tower but is planned for street level siting on County Council land adjacent to pensioners bungalows. “I’m disappointed that the County Council should think that such an unsympathetic structure could be allowed in this residential area so close to bungalows and so conspicuous on the street scene,” said Cllr Evans. “Any financial reward they will get from this will make a nonsense of their policy to reduce street signs and clutter. “The 500 signatures should make it clear to the district council’s planners that this does not comply with planning guidance and a more suitable site should be found.”


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