Cllr Matthew Ellis and Simon Roberts try some of the new outdoor fitness equipment

A Lichfield business is helping people get fit for free after installing outdoor fitness equipment at Cannock Chase.

The apparatus was installed at Cannock Wood by Lichfield-based Beautiful Gardens thanks to a £4,500 grant from Staffordshire Council Council’s Community Wellbeing Fund.

Cllr Matthew Ellis and Simon Roberts try some of the new outdoor fitness equipment

Simon Roberts, owner of Beautiful Gardens, said: “This equipment is a great way to encourage people to get fit for free. Recent statistics have shown that British people are among the most obese in Europe, so there’s never been a more crucial time to invest in fitness equipment which everyone can enjoy.

“The equipment is deliberately located next to the children’s play area so that, instead of standing around getting cold, adults can get a good work out while watching the children.

“In the next few months we are planning a campaign to encourage more areas to have outdoor fitness equipment because we know it can benefit so many people young and old.”

The fitness area, which was officially opened by Councillor Matthew Ellis, Staffordshire County Council Cabinet Member for Adults and Wellbeing, includes three pieces of apparatus each designed to boost overall fitness levels as well as strengthen muscles for two users at a time.

There are Tai Chi Spinner Wheels which are designed to promote flexibility and co-ordination in wrists arms and shoulders as well as improving circulation, a Twist Stepper that encourages hip twisting exercises and strengthens leg muscles and an air Skier, which strengthens and develops the lower abdomen hips and thighs, improving balance and co-ordination.

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