Cllr Ben Adams

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New planning laws will strike a balance between protecting the environment and delivering new jobs, according to Staffordshire County Council’s economic chief.
Cllr Ben Adams
Cllr Ben Adams’ comments come after the Government unveiled the scheme which it says will simplify the process. However, some opponents have claimed the changes will lead to weakening of protection for green spaces across the country. Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant had sought reassurances on the new system and Cllr Adams believes the planning process will now strike a better balance. “The delivery of a less complex planning process which can help regeneration projects to get off the ground more quickly and stimulate job creation will add to Staffordshire’s drive for greater prosperity,” he explained. “We already work closely with our local planning authorities to ensure we are doing all we can to make planning applications for business, leisure and community infrastructure run as smoothly as possible. “Recent examples have included work with South Staffordshire Council on Jaguar Land Rover’s planned engine plant and Lichfield District Council on the Roxane mineral water application. “Future developments obviously need to be in the interest of the people of Staffordshire and approval made on their merit. This new framework puts planning decisions back into the hands of local authorities, not regional quangos, and removes some of the unnecessary bureaucracy which can stall economic growth. “It will complement Staffordshire’s red carpet approach to potential investors.”


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