Christopher Pincher MP with the wind farm objection letters
Christopher Pincher MP with the wind farm objection letters

An MP has backed local residents in their battle to prevent a wind farm being built near Lichfield.

Christopher Pincher has handed over a letter from 157 villagers living in the Clifton Campville area calling for changes to the rules around such developments, after it emerged energy firm Prowind are re-applying for permission to build two turbines in the area.

Residents have long campaigned against the proposals and last year the German company withdrew its application to build four turbines in the area.

Christopher Pincher MP with the wind farm objection letters

The letters signed by locals has been given to Planning Minister Dr Greg Clarke.

“Local residents are concerned about proposals for wind farms in our local communities,” Mr Pincher said. “I along with local residents have been clear in opposing these proposals. They are not only damaging to our environment but they are also uneconomical and produce hardly any power.

“These letters ask the Minister to take into consideration villagers’ concerns and award them more power so they have more say in what is built in their local communities. That is the spirit of localism.

“I am pleased to learn from a letter I received from the Minister that the planning regulation has been strengthened.”

The response from Dr Clarke backs up comments made in the national media by Energy Minister Greg Barker who suggested that the Government’s policy will shift the balance away from wind farms to other sources of energy.

“I am pleased the Government is taking into account the economics of wind farms and is looking to redress the balance in favour of energy sources which are clean, predictable and do not scar the countryside,” added Mr Pincher. “If we are over-reliant on wind farms we may not have enough energy when the wind fails to blow – so it is exactly right to consider other sources of power.

“I shall be bringing the Energy Minister’s comments to the attention of Lichfield District Council – and Prowind.”


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