Foundations at Friary Outer. Pic: Annette Rubery
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Archaeological work at the site of the Friary Outer development may have uncovered an 18th century pub.

As part of the development, which will see the car park replaced with 120 homes, a 65-bed hotel and 400 car parking spaces, archaeologists have been taking a look for anything of interest.

One of Lichfield’s local history bloggers spotted what looked to be foundations of at least one building with a cellar. Annette Rubery, author of upcoming book Lichfield Then & Now took some photos and suggested the foundations might be the remainder of the 18th century Turks Head Inn.

Updates are expected from Lichfield District Council’s Friar Outer Blog should anything interesting turn up.

Update: Kate has blogged a conversation she’s had with one of the archeologists at the dig.

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