An artist's impression of the new Friary Outer apartments

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An artist's impression of the new Friary Outer apartments
Lichfield residents are getting the chance to help name a new building. A shortlist of titles has been drawn up for the new apartments for older people on the Friary Outer redevelopment. Seven names were put forward, and the council, which is responsible for street naming and property numbering across the district, whittled them down to four:
  • Greyfriars House
  • Bishops View
  • Seward House
  • Franciscan View
The council is asking people to vote for their favourite name at until June 17.

4 replies on “Chance for residents to choose name of new Lichfield apartments”

  1. Carole: your vote is wasted in the comments here, you need to click on the link in the article to vote.

  2. What an abomination! It saddens me that architects and developers can’t or won’t create buildings more sympathetic to their surroundings that say something about Lichfield and that we can be proud of: Something that will stand the test of time and demonstrate innovation rather than a bland 1980’s style three/ four storey block. It’s a crying shame they couldn’t have designed a more innovative bulilding, especially in this hisorical setting.

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