Benjamin Warrington

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The sister of a man who died in a crash in Lichfield has called for local people to support her campaign for better streetlighting.
Benjamin Warrington
Benjamin Warrington, 24, died in February after being knocked off his moped on the A38 near Streethay. However, his sister Sophy believes the tragedy might have been avoided if better streetlights had been in place at the junction. She launched a Facebook petition after the crash and has already amassed more than 4,350 signatures – but she is keen for more people to back her campaign. “The local council gave me a target of 5,000 signatures by November,” she explained. “I have nearly completed that, however I want more than 5,000 to make them aware of how the public feel about this junction, especially in the Lichfield and Fradley areas. “I would like to make this junction a safer one and by having the streetlights, it would hopefully prevent other tragic accidents and loss of life.”


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